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Inspiration of Food and Hotel Malaysia 2011

Inspiration of Food and Hotel Malaysia 2011

From 20th – 23rd September 2011 was indeed a busy event for all people from food and beverage industries. Being successfully creating more events and happenings, at this time, this is the 11th Malaysian International Exhibition of Food, Drinks, Hotel, Restaurant & Food service Equipment, supplies, Services & Related Technology. This official show had bring up even more companies which linked with F & B industries. It was open to trade and later on to the public.

I was glad to be part of the team. This time, i was busy helping out but yet, found some nice pictures I did able to take as I was there for 4 to 5 days. This is an awesome event not to be missed, which have been organized once in 2 years at Malaysia.

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Check out the pictures for your pleasure…

FHM at KL Convention Centre


My favorite

so many different types of US fresh potatoes

Celeb Chefs

Chef Florence Tan  and Chef Ismail Ahmad

Cooking Demo

Lucky Frozen as part of the FHM's family

Hi, I am the guardian of the FHM,  don't mess with me...else...else...I eat you

wow.....see how food  make wonders  to your hungry stomach now?

New concept - food mobile, where a mobile vehicle brings food to you instead

Think of coffee, think Bon Cafe

These are the glimpse pictures of the FHM event, it was a great experience for me working with so  many people and knowing so many people all acroos the world. FHM even welcome participants from Korea, Taiwan, USA, and many more to grab the chance to promote their products.

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