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Food and Hotel Malaysia 2011 - Sweet like Chocolate and Sugar in the world of Pastry and Bakery

Food and Hotel Malaysia 2011 -  Sweet like Chocolate and Sugar in the world of Pastry and Bakery


20th – 23rd September 2011 -

Nevertheless we must know the good and bad when we come across sugar and chocolate. What are the bad things? Chocolate and sugar make us being fatter, plumper, and leads to certain health problem, but this was not being agreed by some of us. Lovely to say, the good things of sugar give us honey and love; and chocolate make us even lovelier.

With the creative arts and brilliant mind of all the participants and exhibitors at FHM 2011 (Food and Hotel Malaysia), the world of bakery and pastry bring you into another different world. The fantasies, the dream, the creation, the wonder of colors have indeed made me snapping pictures of the sweetness in everything.

So, let the pictures saying hi to all of you.

this time, I will divide the pictures based on themes, so please welcome:

  • The Theme of Cute Little Ones

cute teddy muffin!

shy shy shy

Feel so Peaceful seeing these babies sleeping

this cute little white dog saying hi to you


Sweet as Apple
English Hot Breads
  • The Theme of Fantasy

The Conquerer
unbelievable strong like a warrior
My fairy Dreams

Welsh Red Dragon
dragon crashed the bell...
one of the warrior
define art...

colorful butterflies...

  • The Theme of Sea and the Sea Creatures 

Crab attack, help me please

red lobster in danger

giant octopus attacking the ship

The Theme of Home and City and People in Reality of Life

coo coo choco train

Home Sweet Home
this is my biggest dream, to have a country house, when will it be that day?

my wish to own such house...

what a busy life staying at this house!

the home in the vase


pom pom pom! honk honk honk, presenting volks wagon's car models

Breads and Bun

play chess

time is important, learn to appreciate
what is your journey of life?

  • The Theme of  People

oh my, why are you lonely, lady? do not worry, you are not alone
headhunter or Orang Murut from Sabah, Malaysia

Sarawak warrior
red indian people

see how busy of the life of pastry and bakery?
as sweet as they made it for you...

the master pastry chef

selling vegetables, come and buy from me!

  • The Theme of Cartoon

Smurfs making smurf rice (nasi kerabu)

funny clowns

clown being happy in our life

which dwarf runaway from Snow White?

let the battle begins~!

Alice in the wonderland
Quack quack! where is donald duck?

as busy as a bee
  • The Theme of Love

wedding cake is very important for a grand wedding

dream of lotus
marry me, merry me
will you wear the ring made of sugar and sweetness?

the precious love, red and white roses...
chinese style wedding cake

cross over the bridge and i bring you into my life

i bring you in up to the sky with my horses, and we will be happily married ever after


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