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Culinaire Malaysia 2011, Wonders in the Making Greater Things in Food and Beverages Industry

Culinaire Malaysia 2011, Wonders in the Making Greater Things in Food and Beverages Industry

20th – 23rd September 2011 -

Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH), Chefs Association of Malaysia (CAM) and Malaysian Food & Beverage Executives Association (MFBEA) are once again jointly organising the Culinaire Malaysia 2011 (CM2011) which will be held in conjunction with Food Hotel Malaysia 2011 (FHM 2011) from 20th to 23rd September at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). Once again, it is endorsed by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS).

There are so many categories of competition this time, and it was indeed a great time seeing how each participant so into their food, how they spend their sleepless days and nights to make the greatest food, how worried and nervous they are when they take part in the competition, and how their face expression when they look into the results of every completion.

Many thanks to the well-known chefs, sommeliers , and many well-known people from the food and beverage industries for being the judges, thanks to the emcee and the organizers to make this event well ahead too.

The competition:

 The art of craving


they are being tested...

Pastry pastry
see so many participants? imagine you as a chef judge have to eat all 40 - 50 plates of the same meat?
crowded with people

sommelier's competition
the tense in the kitchen
wine time!
chef so focus...

the red carpet of culinaire malaysia 2011

where all this people come from? congested!

as cold as ice

icing competition

congrats, once again! the winners

Plated Dishes

this one make me so wanting to eat it right now! blue rock pearl oyster as it says

eyes dropping seeing all these?

Main dishes

tonnes of salmon

juicy prawns


Nyonya Cuisine

eggplants with fried prawns

my favourite sambal, oh my god!

nyonya cendol
wonders of baba nyonya

the menu

Malay cuisine ( It was a good one this year)

A great man made a great success in life, never give up by any chances!


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