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Arthur's Day Celebration with Guinness, Kuala Lumpur 2011

Arthur's Day Celebration with Guinness, Kuala Lumpur 2011

See how nice this picture was? The world is full of fireworks?
23rd Sept 2011 - After the event of FHM (Food and Hotel Malaysia 2011), I was super exhausted and tired. Standing and walking around were extremely tired but I have been pampered with lots of food, knowing new people from the food industry and all around the world make me feel so glad.

But the working days are over, and here comes the party!! As promised by the media, I am lucky because I won some tickets for Arthur’s Day event, and able to share it with my friends. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Advertlets, a well known advertising blog media at Malaysia.

Advertlets is the largest Asian Blog Advertising Network - reaching over 2 million unique users a day across Asia, and a reach of 450K-550K unique users a day in Malaysia. I would like to specially thanks Mr Jason Ong, who passed my four tickets that I have won to my friend; Mr Josh Lim for spending time to read my blog about Arthur’s Day and generously gave me the four tickets, and thanks to Ms Melanie Hwa, who always stay connected with all the bloggers without failed and being fair to all bloggers. They are really a great team with inspiring spirits! You may check them out at:

I would like to thank Mr Benn De Silva, from who passed me another two tickets after I took part in the contest, as in an effort to spread the words for Arthur. It is a good way for us to remember Arthur with Guinness, instead only Guinness, it always make us recall the founder or the father of Guinness at least.

The event started at 6.30pm, but I did not make it at such a time. The whole gang of us starts our journey from Puchong at 10pm; guess what time we reached the place? Such a coincidence that the Selangor Turf club was having Horse carnival too, the well- known long traffic jam at klang valley, make us spent at least an hour plus, just to drive from Puchong to the location.

When I reached there, I can see the audience, the decoration of the place, everything was super awesome and nice.

So ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for some pictures and some cool videos? Here we go!

As usual, the main star of the event, Taio Cruz, came out and performed at 1130pm, just about when I landed the place, and walked into the stage area. He sang all his top hit singles: Dynamite, Higher, Dirty Picture, and so many more.

Taio Cruz!!!! The usual mystery guy with his sunglasses, never ever take off his sunglasses, do you realized that?

23rd Sept 2011 - Taio Cruz (Arthur's Day with Guinness Kuala Lumpur)

23rd Sept 2011 - Taio Cruz - Dirty Picture ft. Ke$ha (Arthur's Day with Guinness Kuala Lumpur)


23rd Sept 2011 - Taio Cruz - Higher ft. Kylie Minogue (Arthur's Day with Guinness Kuala Lumpur)


23rd Sept 2011 - Taio Cruz - Dynamite (Arthur's Day with Guinness Kuala Lumpur)

Emcee, the Local bands, Taio Cruz

Finally  Taio without sunglasses!

Guess who are they?

We made the event!

Fireworks at the end of the event

The world celebrates  Arthur's Day, no matter where we are,who we are...

And so, the event ended approximately at 12.30am, and so I thought they might have some late nights of songs for the audience, but alas, nothing happened. So, since my friends and I staying at Puchong, we end up heading back to Geographer, one of a cool chill out place at IOI Boulevard.

I did not managed to grab a glass of Guinness during the event, so I end up ordering one Guinness Stout, just like passing up my homework to fulfill my wishes that I have been part of the Arthur’s Day anyway!

Happy Arthur’s Day 2011! Long live Guinness and Arthur!


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