Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When I kiss a ten

When I  kiss a ten

19th August 2011 - A kissaten is a Japanese-style coffee shop. Practically, it has been quite a name when people mention Kissaten at Japan. As in for here, with the great chef around at Malaysia, and a mix of Japanese flavoring, this little café would have indeed make me write a food blog (usually I do not really write about food).

As for me personally, I eat only seafood and vegetables. So there are many choices where I cannot choose from the menu. (Pathetic right?), but sorry to say, I still not comfortable to eat meats, had been practicing this since young.

So here I was, grabbing one short lunch with my brother photographer, Mohd Soli. I shall say they are really good in serving the customers during the rush lunch hours. By giving more sweetness to the customers’ heart, the Kissaten pampers us with free finger food when the bill go above a certain amount of money, like if you are reading this at year 2011, the bill minimum will be RM 50, and you are entitled to get a free mini pizza, or burger, or whichever the promotion it was held.

The staffs are good in communicating with you, never forget to give you a smile no matter how confused or frustrated you are reading the menu, and they do help you with placing your order, if you cannot make up your mind. If you are asking me price to price, this is one good quality worth to go for the price to pay for the food. The price range can be from a drink worth RM 5 to a food which one guaranteed make your stomach satisfied in an amount of RM 40 if ala carte, but not to worry. They do offer set meals during lunch hour.

This time round, I made up my mind to choose this bubbly royal milk tea, slurp slurp!

 And this time, go for something where I can eat totally, instead of pickling up all the meats and pass to someone who eat meats. (Normally, I need to take out the meats if the food was cooked along with meats). Here you go:-

This fine spaghetti with nice mushrooms and half boiled egg on top.

Poke the egg yolk and the yolk will be mixing around with the spaghetti and you can see me eating and enjoying it.

Information or details:

Kissaten IOI Boulevard is located at
D-G-57 & 58, Block D,
Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong, Selangor D.E

Tel: +603-8070 6307

Something and sometimes, it is worth sharing with others, because it is love, happiness and this is way of life in how we choose.  



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