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Travel Journey to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Travel Journey to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Let me introduce you a brief and interesting facts about Sabah. Sabah is the second largest state in Malaysia. Sabah also is part of the island partner of Borneo with Sarawak, Brunei, and Indonesian Kalimantan. Compared with the main cities, Sabah will welcome you with the mother nature of floras and special faunas that you will have a wow feeling once you landed Sabah. Plus, you will be amazed how the local Sabahan’s culture and the way they connected to you. I would say it is really an eyes opening and change the way I think of them. Not only they are friendly, they are not shy and smiled back to you even you are strangers.

Compared with the olden days, Sabah was not that well known till the Malaysia government decided to improve the country and create more awareness towards the tourism sector, as Malaysia is a country where you can see still lots of greens and enjoy the maximum, but spending at a low cost to enjoy such lifetime.

** Place to party:-

White Room, Lava, Firefly, and Chocolate Factory; most of the bars and pubs do have live band and most of them located at Kota Kinabalu times Square.

Kota Kinabalu is the main state of Sabah, and the reasons to pull you over will be:-

1. The famous Mount Kinabalu, 4095 metres high, the highest Mountain of south-east Asia. (I climbed it in the year 2005, awesome!)

2. Of course, when it is an island, it will be the beauty paradise of coral reefs, beach, clear sea water, hot bikini girls (optional), sun-tanned hot guys, and a place full of romance and thrill.

3. Fresh seafood and other local food. Instead of trying the same old western food, why don’t give a try on the local food? Better you try than never tried it at all. Rich with all raw ingredients, and with the local recipes, I bet you have a good time enjoying different kind of food.

4. The rare Probiscis Monkeys, amazed?

5. Silver Leaf Monkey in the mangrove, he is watching you.

6. Beautiful Rafflesia at Kota Kinabalu National Park Saba, The World’s Largest Flower, this specific flower need months to grow but the blossom part only last for few days. It will be same hint as: spend your time and enjoy it with yourself, loved ones, and family, friends when you can. Enjoy life!

7. City Mosque by the sea, this floating mosque can occupy more than 10, 000 people. Do go in and have a look every day except Friday, as Friday is a prayer days for the Muslims.

More info at:-

happy feet on the way to Sabah

Here comes the journey of my lifetime. This time is going by categories:

The tour to Filipino market, salted fish market and fruits market:

Basically at here, these three markets are at the same row near to the sea.

· Filipino market: Nothing much to be shopped at Filipino market, and it is dark and ‘silent’, sound and looked creepy for me, but we end up went there for a chill of coconut water and the coconut pudding.

coral reefs

errr....a pair of straws becoming a pair of chopsticks? and drink coconut?hahaha!
Salted fish and fruits market: oh well, of course it full of dried seafood and salted fish, and the sellers will say hi and checked you out if you are a lady, but not to worry, they meant no harm.

salted fish market
salted fishes and other dried seafood
local Philippine mango
The seafood market: this is just next to the salted fish market, and why this is being explained in another paragraph, because it has so many kinds of fishes that some cannot be seen at my hometown, Kuala Lumpur.

jumbo big fish!
ikan kembung, standing?
she looks like a boss, most of the fishmonger are standing
the seafood market

Next goes to the dry market, where they sell lots of sundries, fruits, tobacco (yes, they sell), herbs, rice, and many more. I almost faint chewing the daun sirih with pinang, do not get me wrong, it is a good stuff, but...


extremely hot chilli sauce
daun sirih
Handicraft market: many people said at here, you need to bargain; compared with Gaya Street, here it has lots more choices than the ones at Gaya Street, if you are looking for souvenirs, try to like it, bargain, and make the expression, you fed up of bargaining, and you end up get even cheaper price! Pearls are selling cheaper compared the city places, so it is quite a nice one if you like pearls, be careful with the fake ones!

well done handicraft

big nice pearls

the tailor men outside the handicraft market, they are good in what they do 

baby pearls coming out from the shells

Next, if you love culture of the Sabah people, this is worth, really worth to go – Mari-mari Cultural village.

You will experience so much different ways of them expressing themselves, from their food, performance, their costumes, their way they try to talk to you; you will be amazed how the local people who are at here at least more than 500 years can show you how cool they were, and how great warrior they used to be, and this is how they stand till now, the great ones.


Melissa, Deborah, Jes

this is me blow piping

Can we wear like this at Kuala Lumpur?

Next, this is really cool, the Nexus Resort Karambunai, more info at:-

This is the villa I stayed and the surroundings, the staff services, from A – Z, rating will be 8/ 10, the only thing I didn’t really enjoyed is the housekeeping part, it takes a bit longer time to send things over, because they need to drive from the main lobby to the villa (10- 15 minutes), imagine if I need a body shampoo, and I am waiting for the body shower gel? Shivered….haha, lucky the food part is the part which makes me adds more on their rating.

After seeing my villa, no, just kidding, I wish the villa is mine; at least I enjoyed the Nexus for few days. Here goes the Gaya Street, at here, these are the selected pictures where we can’t see at our own market, Gaya street opens every Sunday, and the things that interest me are the blind community, they do foot massage and play song quite well; the cute little pets – chicks, dogs, fish, cats, turtles and many more; the dollar notes from all around the world that were sold, and the cute little ice-cream van. (Sorry, it was not sold, but it was kept in my heart).

Some spices of this blog, some cool pictures:
Snake Fruit

Lastly, to cherish and make your appetite grow for my blog, here comes a little version of us, the three musketeers and some few moment where make my heartbeat stop just a while and snapped these few pictures.

This lovely trip was brought to by the four musketeers, and special thanks to the companion:

· Melissa Alut Lim – a very independent beautiful hot sexy girl, a mix of cinokadazan makes her even lovely and with the blast character and attitude, she is one girl who is the most outgoing and friendly person at Sabah.


· Ms Deborah (Italian girl who came for summer break, never miss the dance moves for ‘On the floor’, ‘party rock anthem’ and ‘don omar’) and she loves tiramisu and chocolate.

· Mr Federico (my family and friends face difficulties pronouncing his names, and it turned out to be Mr Ferrero, Mr Feddy Koo, Mr Big Teddy (me, I name him this), and Mr ….Bello :_)

His blog is:-

My pictures sure amaze you, but the best is go over Sabah yourself, with love, with your eyes, because it is worth to go to such places with reasonable prices, and still at Malaysia, this is Satu Malaysia, with all the cool Sabahan people’s good hospitality and friendly manners.


Hey ya! Thanks for dropping you have any comments or thoughts after reading my blog? I always love 2-way communication, do leave a comment in the comment box below, alright? Thanks!

Enjoy Life in Good Ways,
Suki Jezz

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