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Suki Jezz way in break fast 'Buka Puasa'

My way of break fast 'Buka Puasa'

2nd August 2011 – Since the month of Ramadhan had already started, I had been wanted to rush into the Malay bazaar or the night markets, where the Malays start selling their food as early as 3pm, this is what I do when I was young, running to the stalls and see what I could buy with my RM 2-3. I always have the same sentence in my mind, “tiga kuih satu ringgit!” (it means 3 light finger food for RM 1). Well, I do not think can get such price with so many kuih anymore.

I grew up in a Malay area, so I missed the Malay food a lot. The kakak from the restaurant will always come and smiled at me: “ Datang untuk beli kuih ke?” (Come to buy your favorite food again?) I replied: “ Ya, ya, ya!” she was also being kind enough to tell me the name of the kuih that I like, so that I can remembered.

not to be missed, the tomyam soup

There was also the moment when I pass by the Lemang Stall, and immediately I stop, and feel so excited seeing the lemang bakar and the packets of rending that I will be buying. There was once when I was at setapak, the Malay guy pitied on few of us, as we were the TARC students, but we were planning to share to buy the lemang and rending (our pocket were pretty dried out at that point of time); and in the end, he smiled and gave us three more packets of rending, I said thank you so many times, that I almost forgot to take the food when we were leaving.

There was once, the one and only, where the Malay stall serve porridge (bubur), it was somewhere at Gombak or Selayang, where I go there and crave for the white porridge (because I am not a fancy rice eater, weird huh?), and I will being a weirdo asking every Malay stalls I stop by whether they serve porridge or not. All of them shake their heads, and I moaned for a while.

My hungry housemate
And so now, here I was, stranded at Puchong. Well, not many Malay food I can get, not many nice Malay food I would say, I tried all kind, most of them, it is either just the normal one, or rarely you can find any Malay restaurant at here. I used to go to Melawati, Setapak, and Gombak, there were the places I miss eating malay food so much.

Finally, I stopped by at this malay stall,Puchong Jaya. it was opened by my Thailand friend, with a mixture of Thailand and malay cuisine, I shall say, it come in quite handy. So, I and my housemate go in the middle of the night, and I managed to order my favorite food after finish my gym workout. And here it goes!

Not to missed out in Ms Jezz’s list: 

1.       telur dadar (deep fried egg)

telur dadar, the best best of the best

2.       tomyam (hot and spicy soup)

not to be missed, the tomyam soup (I repost this picture again, this is too good!)

3.       cendawan goreng (light fried mushrooms)

4.       mee hoon goreng (fried meehoon)

5.       Teh ice (I don’t know why, I feel the malay’s milk tea, somehow better than the mamak’s milk tea sometimes)

Ikan Kerapu, not ikan Kerabu?

my kuih-mui, top left (currypuff), middle is cucur udang,
 and the brownish sweet ball is cucur pisang
And my old times kuih-muih:

1.       Cucur udang
2.       Cucur pisang
3.       Cucur badak

sardin currypuff, extremely yummy!

4.       Lemang

5.       Rendang of any type!

6.       Seri muka (hardly get nice one anymore, my face will be really cheerful as it stated as the name of the kuih)

10th Aug 2011 - Seri Muka, I miss you
7.       Roti jala mix with the curry, yummy~~~~ (hardly get the nice one too)

8.       Buah Melaka – when green mix with brown sugar, it is just like the sweetness out of sweetness

10th Aug 2011 - Buah Melaka ^.^

9.       Pulut panggang, a mix of sticky rice with some sweet spicy coconut as flavorings

10th Aug 2011 - from top is pulut panggang, and the bottom one is seri muka
and many more, just found these few kuih!

i miss you! Pulut Pedas!

and this is named as Burger Malaysia!

And I shall search for more kuih, if only I being brought to the nice ones, and the most amazing time is when Hari Raya celebration, I was invited to the lovely Malay friend’s open house, where all nice food from the families can be tasted. Satu Malaysia.

And when I hear the rhythm of of Hari Raya’s songs, I will be dancing with the Malay songs, with jongket – jongket along;

I love the Baju Kebaya, wish I have one, and dance along with the graceful traditional Malay dance (I used to perform Malay dances back secondary times). Selamat Hari Raya, everyone!


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Suki Jezz
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