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One Night at Kuala Lumpur

One Night at Kuala Lumpur.

Cool Heineken

     6th June 2011 - It was just another tired Monday where I really want to call a day off, till Mr Harley Davidson called me. “So, let’s meet up and go for a ride!” I smiled, since never ride one, why not? So, I meet up with Mr Harley and we decided to go to Irish Pub, at TTDI, to have a sip of drink.
     Well, it was nice indeed. A cool beer to cool off the usual Blue Monday, enjoy life, right? So, we talked about life, and it was so relaxing talking to Mr Harley, because we both have the same point in life, being free and easy, and complaining our life, our past relationship, our job, but at the same time, we laughed. 

Smooth Guinness Stout, delicious...

We were into a topic of going beach club suddenly. I said: “you know, I never been to Beach Club before, heard there is a place of heaven?” Harley said: “it is paradise for men, if you know what I mean.” Then, I questioned him like nobody, like how does ‘paradise’ runs. “Well, at Beach Club, when you see hot girls who are too hot to be too good or true, they are the ‘marketing people’, means they are trying to walk around doing marketing. So, the boys will check them out and ask for a good price, that was when proposal, and quotation came in. you will see the girls asking for money, and seeing some nodded, means a deal been done; some shook their head, means they ain’t not gonna pay a price for the night.”

Mr Harley Davidson
Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present:- Beach Club!
I was so interested to  know how the ‘business’ runs, and out of sudden,  we just went Beach Club to check the place out, in the middle  of 1am!  Imagine that, and wow, I really saw so many women doing ‘marketing’, all women from different countries, and most of the men came there for, you know what I mean, but there were few people who like us just chill around. The song at Beach Club was nice actually, and it was really packed, on Monday itself, imagine how good the ‘marketing’ business runs.

Hot chicks with really plus size boobs everywhere, with some men trying to get them, but of course with a good price where both agreed. It was so funny seeing all the marketing, the deal, the shaking head stating ‘not that amount for one night’ thing.   

Anyway, I went up and danced with some nice Iran girls, guess we were enjoying the night out too.

The 'marketing' Plan

Guys checking on the 'marketing chicks' for a price  of night?

Some people come for chill, just a few
3am was the call off then, that was when we gonna take a ride home, by singing ‘I’m coming home, I’m coming home’ by P.Diddy. There was some nice cool night where I took some pictures here and there.  It was a good experience and thanks to Mr Harley who offered me a ride and brought me to the Beach club.

No, I just took picture, I don't know how to ride Mr Harley

Everything you need to try, making own obstacles your own will not make you grow, why care what people say about you? As long as we did not do anything wrong, there is still appoint for us to live on and not give up looking for things around you.

Looking so stoned, like heading to market for buying vegetables

Mr Camel from Ambank, the only camel not staying at desert

Are you ready?

The night is still young at Kuala Lumpur

More info about Beach Club: 


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