Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Suki Jezz New Land - Colmar Tropicale, French Village

24th July 2011 – After few years of struggling in getting the French village, after years of discussion with the related company, we had finally finalized that I will be taking over the Colmar Tropicale, a French village and also the Japanese Botanical Garden near Genting Highland. If me, I will rebuild the French village with more happening party going on at night and a fun gathering for all people in the next morning.

Wake up wake up! Jezz, you sure you own the French Village? Yes, maybe till I work till 90 years old to hit 0.5% of the land. It was my dream to own such house though, I always fancy about a cottage with friendly neighbors around, milking the cow every morning, tying up ponytails and walk along the streets, coming back and start cooking for the loved ones, and the imagination just runs on and on.

Till then, this lovely story shall be continued. At this lovely evening at 5pm, we drove down from Genting Highland and headed over to Karak Highway to see our final destination (no, not the name of the horror movie please).  Passing by the trees, the breezing wind, and the hang at the top Mr Cable car and part of being sleepy (as usual), we finally reached Colmar Tropicale.

Well, this cute little place, relish in century old Alsace charm at this French-themed resort, settled at 2,700feet above sea-level amidst 80 acres of rainforests. More info at:-


The place more or less was a bit quiet, but you shall really see people enjoying their tea or coffee, to be away from the busy working life at least for a while, quite a relaxing place I would say, with the top tower for you to see the whole view of scenery, observing or feeding the beautiful black and white swan (they are really a beauty of animals),

with the children running around with the magical cute clown to have fun with them, the video games around to make the children busy for a while, and the list goes on. There is the beautiful botanical garden, but as it was quite late (garden opens till 6pm), we did not manage to go to the garden, but overall the garden was beautified with flowers, ponds, fishes, some cute staff around who wears Kimono and you will enjoy the wind blowing softly at your face with the breath of fresh air.

We are just walking around to check out the place, and have a short tea break with nice bread at one of the bakery shop, talked a while.


hey, who drive my car?
prince, you watching me?
After that, we headed over back the car where I snatched Federico’s camera (politely) and snapped some pictures. I have been always enjoying seeing the surroundings as it will make me feel more peaceful and less stressful.

the french bridge to cross over the castle

Jezz's castle

can't see the prince?

sneak peek, hide behind bushes to see who is at the castle

my land...for one second of thoughts

I wish I am one of the Rapunzel and staying the look alike castle! I am imagining my hairs being so long with the prince arrived and pull my long frizzy curly hair to reach the top of the castle? Wonder how long I need to wait for such hair to grow, yawn….

And my journey continues…. 


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Enjoy Life in Good Ways,

Suki Jezz

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