Friday, July 1, 2011

My interpersonal touch with the kids from tuition class

My interpersonal touch with the kids from tuition class

Many people have been asking me, how do you handle the group of students you have? Isn’t it hard? How? How? How?

Well, I believe if you talk to your kids, do not neglect them, and communicate with them, and be patience, it will bring out the best for everyone and the kid.
Basically what matters is: the children want your family love and attention, giving them something to replace such feelings like getting them some online games, or daycare, or the children being taken care of by a hired maid… all these will make you lost touch with the kids even more.
So which is why, love them like how you wanted to be love and taken care of. Try to talk and guide them with their homework.

Time is set by you, not your work. We cannot give excuse we are so busy till no time to take care of them. A grow up process is so much important because that is what make them when they are a grown up person.
I love to talk to the kids, ask how is their life, what is their favorite things; when you talk things like this, the kids know you really care for them. A single matter, from emotionally, mentally, physically, can affect one person’s performance. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle of family, personal touch, care, love help them to be a better person and for studies.
I told the kids before, do not stress over your studies, but you must deliver what you should be as a responsibility as a student, many of them asked me, “Teacher,  why must we study?”, and they look and hope that there is an option where they do not need to study at their ages. I just smiled back at them and tell them, “It is for your future, what you doing now are for your own future, your own dream. Your dream will not fall from the sky, you have to succeed and work harder to get it.”

There are children even asking me, why parents divorced and they get so confused and feel why they have to go see the parents in separate way where bonds were used to be there. This is when they really need us to explain to them, and let them know how you feel too. If you just shut them off with no explanation or turn violent, it will not become a happy ending for you yourself or the kids.
I am happy with them and I wish to have more kids to get in touch with, and at the mean time, I pray for them to study hard and be more productive, and I am glad I am giving tuition classes to train them to be more independent.


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