Monday, July 25, 2011

Suki Jezz First Paramotor (almost) and Good Food with buddy

My First Paramotor (almost) and Good Food with buddy

9th July 2011 -  Be it a fairytale or a dream come true, the long awaited purchased voucher for this paramotor , the day finally came! I was just recovered from my high fever, flu and cough, and with a pale looking face, I slept like a pig at Mr Mok’s car, luckily he can drive carefully, with me sleeping soundly in the car.
In the late noon, as this is the day for our memorable BERSIH event too, we watched the news of the protest from the television as we hanged out at a Malay stall, before heading for the paramotor activity and after we cut all the blocked roads to drive all the way to Port Klang area.

Thanks to the organizers of the Budget Traveler, once again, our people gathered, meeting up, talking and laughing all the way while doing some activities together. More info at:

The place is massive yeah, talking about the field, it was wide and slight windy, not many places for us to sit around, but yeah, I mean, we go there for paramotoring, not for picnic right?


the chair of paramotor

the broken paramotor

the broken wings

Mr Mark after drinking Jack Daniels (just joking)

The smiles of everyone doing things together, the time where some just came to chill and see the event, some shares stories and laughed some took pictures as memories where once again, a successful gathering to make everyone happy in our life, and this is called life.

At this time, only one paramotor was functioning, and the time to sitting on the ‘superman’ fly thing have been slightly shorten, and with the time tick tock going by, and when so many people yet to go for a ride, Ivy had called it off, talked to the instructor, that we will come another time. Anyhow, some did take the short ride, some was happy.

I did not take a ride as we had decided to change it into another date of riding on paramotor. Although it was bit disappointing, but it was fun, as I have a chance to meet everyone again.

In the evening time, we made up our mind to go over to port klang and have a big feast of Malay seafood. I saw some broken ship like titanic near the restaurant, and it was located near to the sea, where you will see the scene where the fishermen came back after a long day of working at the sea.

Boy, the eating time arrived! Thanks to some food expert, we just eat what they ordered, thanks so much for all the orders. Amazingly, the steamed fish was a good one, and we were wondering whether the chef is a Chinese? Hmmmm….

After a big burp of eating (no, I did not burp), we made up our mind (from some become all of us) to take a walk to the port klang. The big ship at Port Klang was so quite catchy in the evening time; I bet it looks even better during the sunset time, where you will feel like standing on a titanic? And our mysterious guy walked to the head of the ship and lied down, and some of us took his picture as a remark of the ‘unique pose’ on a ship.

It was a fun gathering although I and some missed the paramotor activities, but we did have a good time, didn’t we?

More info at:-


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