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Luxury Lovely Stay at Johor Bahru

Luxury Lovely Stay at Johor Bahru

26th June 2011 – A lovely sunrise woke me up as an alarm clock? No, I have a better one (laughing). So, here we are, falling into the place named Pulai Spring Resorts at Johor. In this resort, it has golf club, club car (a car which bring you to club, just joking!), pool around, and good staff with good services.
If you are looking for service satisfaction, you should come here though.

morning, sunshine

If you are looking for service satisfaction, you should come here though.
Anyway, woke up at 730am to grab the camera for some normal pictures; walking out of the suite’s balcony, having some fresh air, observing some golfers start to hit the golf’s road in an early sunshine…nice, so nice…if only life were ain’t that stressful for people working at KL; but most important is yet still enjoy life, and share your love and happiness with your loved ones.

You shall see some cute little man-made waterfall here and there, and you will some children splashing water in the pool and playing with the loved ones; and we do caught up with some hot bikini models posing at the swimming pool being working on photography projects with few photographers. (Some cute, some hot, some is just normal)

So, here we are at the resort, driving around the clubbing car after our breakfast, seems that most of them do came here for a short holiday, everyone seems a bit stressed out and come here to chill I guess? The surroundings are just as nice, but as Malaysian are shy and more conservative people, people are not so active in the other activities, except golfing.

Looking up the sky :)

club disco's car

There are also a few golf fields around, where it is mostly look like a park to me. The golfers and staff smiled back to you as welcoming warm smiles which being brought to your heart straightaway. The suite of Anugarah Hotel is like …speechless, gone, phew, amazed, Mayday! Mayday! The suite is as big as an apartment, fully with furniture and nice cozy sofas and bed, and BATHTUB, yes, bathtub (where I can spend half day in there).  The place does take your breath away, now I know why people quite particular for which hotel do they stay, as going for one relaxing holiday, the rooms might play an important role to make our mood being better and happy.

the bathroom

meet me halfway to the living room?

my living room for 2 nights!

We ordered some nice western food, and the staff did send some free desserts as sweetness make us have sweet memory.  

In the evening, we walked down to a lovely park with greens, which is near to the hotel. After that, we went to the bar around 5pm and ordered red wine as to chill around. 

So, this it is. Hope you enjoy as much as I do. The food was just nice, but the services were really good. If more people know about here, I bet you will like it.

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