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Suki Jezz First Overseas Holiday Trip - Macau

4th – 6th May 2011

How is it after reading my first part of my Hong Kong trip? Well, now I would like to share my stories of the second journey, the neighborhood not to be missed – Macau. I heard the story of Macau is how the Portugese landed in the city and ask a grandma, what is the name of this place, and the old grandma replied: “Macau” and hence, Macau was born.

Macau is a fantasy wonderful world for people who want to get easy fast money, to get the thrill and excitement of winning big, but will also make your life upside down when you lose money. When you win money, chicks with super sexy body will be seen wandering around to ask you to spend the night with them.
In terms of the places, Macau is quieter than Hong Kong, where more people are spending their time in the casino more than walking outside at the streets. The city view seems nicer at night, with magical fountain and totally amazing decoration of casinos you can ever see. We thought of heading to the panda zoo, but due to lack of time, wish to hug a panda once I saw them, but we have no time.

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4th May 2011

Time: 12.30pm
Place landed:  Hong Kong Garden and Shopping Centre

What’s special?

The usual big tall unique building structure, but this time you will see the little garden being clinched together along with a restaurant and two waterfalls, you can also take a ride of your eyes to explore the whole big garden

What’s weird?

It was quite a long journey ride taking a bus from Fen Ling to here. With all the big bags we are taking, we are quite tired. Many working people rather pack their food and enjoy eating their food in the garden, cannot blame them though, the restaurant is kind of small for people to eat comfortably I supposed.

Rating:  3/5


The video of pictures :- 1 / 2 :- Macau


Time: 4 – 5 pm
Place landed: Macau! Macau!

What’s special?  With sticking our buttocks to the ferry from Hong Kong (bye, Hong Kong L ), we finally reach Macau within an hour. What amazed me, is, of course each unique of one kind of each casino, it has their own design and different amusement places around.

We go for Casino Lisboa Hotel this time and oh my god, bath tub! I am one of the kinds who crazy for bath tub, can stay in the toilet for hours.

What’s weird?

Surprisingly, not really much food can be found, maybe 85% of the land is mend for casinos only, we walk here and there to get food though.

Rating:  4/5

hey, who stole and displayed my Ferrari without my permission?

Rapunzel at the top, while the prince standing watching her XD

oh my god, help help!
beautiful garden

Time: 7 pm – 12am
Place landed: walking around Macau Street

What’s special?

The special water foundation done by the Wynn hotel, seeing how the water ‘dance’ with the music and pamper us with colorful colors of lights made us looking at the performance from the beginning till the end.

The city is quiet, so does the park. You can enjoy the cold wind, with your lovely breeze walk in the evening time.

I would say the casino I love the most is MGM Casino, I like how they make a mini park with some nice restaurants in the park, not the gambling point of view.

Rating:  5/5

5th May 2011 – Tralalalalallalalalaa….wake up wake up and off we go and hit the road again!

 Video 1 / 2 :- Macau

fresh custard milk, smooth and delicious

pls, don't miss this


Time: 10am – 4pm
Place landed: Macau Street

What’s special?

Please, if you not here to enjoy food, what for you come all the way here? So , hearing everyone say please don’t miss the custard milk and egg tarts, of course we are not missing them! As I don’t eat meat, my others friends grab the pork burgers at here.

Landed their historical place, Ruins of St. Paul’s, the first western-style university in the Far East. It was quit e a view and something different at least. Many tourists came here to snap pictures.

First time went into a church, feel so peaceful at there.

What’s weird?

Wonder at here, it is famous for historical or shopping? Many people come here to buy souvenirs, shopping, and biscuits.

Pass by this cute durian stall. I smiled when I saw the word, seems durian has being translated to ‘gold pillow’.

We went into one of their famous church, the St. Anthony’s Catholic Church; taking some pictures and suddenly an auntie came to shouted and scolded us for taking the pictures, and related the radioactive of our camera with the incident of Japan. Will the radioactive can be coming to Macau from Japan?

Rating: 3/5

our four girls' made this cute mickey mouse look alike from disneyland, cool huh?

Time: 6 – 9.30pm

Place landed: Macau Tower

What’s special?
The tallest bungee jump tower in the world, so thrilled seeing people just jump down with a price of RM 2000++, worth it? I would say it depends on individual, if you ask me, I think it is worth it, I mean is like you will feel the excitement when you yourself personally experienced it!

Went to their tower to enjoy food, and boy….that was quite a lot of food, amazingly, they do not only serve their local food, and they do also serve nice food from other countries.

What’s weird?
You got to laugh at this. We saw an aunty took few apples and oranges and slipped those big ones into her big bag, and she turned her head around to make sure no one notice she is taking the fruits. Oh my, why doesn’t she take something even more worth it? Maybe should call her bring a tupperware and smuggle all the oysters into the tupperware instead.

Rating: 3/5

Time: 10pm – 12am
Place landed: Venice Hotel

What’s special?

Took the free bus to rush to Venice hotel just for a view. The thing I like most is the little man-made river with such a bright blue color makes the place look refreshing, and this make me feel like going Italy real soon.

What’s weird?

Running here and there due to lack of time. Did not explore the other casinos as the last call for the bus is 12am.

Rating: 2/5

 6th May 2011 – our last day, awwww…but it is okay, we took bus outside of our hotel and went for a walk before going back Malaysia.
Macau chinese pancake as breakfast

the famous chinese dumplings

the restaurant, tips: go for the food, but not the drinks

i love this...this is awesome!

capture this using my normal phone, but i love it


my hotel :)
Time: 11am – 1pm

What’s special?  I like all the ancient Roman and dynasty buildings; it makes me feel I am at their country.

Saw some kids having some model’s catwalk, they are awesome in posing.

What’s weird?

Super hot, and hot, and hot.

With out of nowhere, comes one horror amusement park aka volcano? Hmmm, not so interested though.

Rating: 4/5 (because of the buildings)

The end of everything? No, it is just the beginning, and the journey of my life should be even better and better. Thanks for watching, errr…..reading….


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Enjoy Life in Good Ways,
Suki Jezz

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