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Suki Jezz First Overseas Holiday Trip - Hong Kong

1st - 3rd May 2011 - Definitely a fun one! Well, all I can say: thank god it is a smooth trip going overseas (I cancel off my overseas trip twice in the past). In the mean time, you can view pictures as more information will be uploaded.
Video of the trip : 1 / 2

1st May 2011 – the fresh morning plus a rushing breakfast brought four of us finally landed at Air Asia airport, and at 12pm, I took my lovely AK 52 (it is a flight number, not a weapon) with another three lovely girls. At 12pm, we flew high up the sky and here was my journey, I was so blessed and happy despite few failed overseas trip I tend to have in the previous time.

When I was in the flight, the service was just as nice, as the flight stewardess and steward will smile and give the good service without failed, and I took yummy vegetarian rice as pre-ordered when my friend booked the flight ticket for me. The air-con was just slightly too cold, and luckily I warmed myself with a shawl. Finally, I landed at Macau safely at 4pm, four hours flight made my buttock really go flat! But at least I fell into a different country finally! From Macau, we took a ferry of approximately one hour journey to Hong Kong. Do not worry, Macau, we come back for you later, but we want to explore Hong Kong first.

To make it short yet simple, here are my diaries and comments then.

Date: 1st May 2011

Time: 6pm
Place landed: McDonald, Hong Kong border

What’s special? 
First and foremost, the pork burger! I mean like we cannot get it at Malaysia, as it is non-halal, so everyone just want to grab a pork burger, but the taste was just like a….pork burger. So, since I am not a meat-eater, I bought this special yam pie (Malaysia is selling apple pie only). Oh my gosh, it was fantastic, something special and hot to eat, yummy!

What’s weird?
Basically the price just around the same, and you do not know the Cantonese language at Hong Kong, it will be ended talking to aliens instead.
Rating:  3/5

Time:  8pm
Place landed: Avenue of Stars
What’s special?
Rushing like a hurricane as we are told the night of lights were at there, and we see lights danced along with the music every night at 8pm, for 15 minutes, people running to there as if there was gold, just to see the moment.
What’s weird?
Too dark, pity me do not have a high tech camera; seeing many people trying to make business where pictures of HKD 10- 20 will be charged, but not too sure if they are really good in photography or not?
Rating:  4/5

Time:  8- 12am
Place landed: Tsim Tsa Tsui Street
What’s special?
What do you think? Shopping! You will see thousands of people walking around, no one will look at you, everyone looks the same (all Chinese skin colors), but I like the most is when you stop halfway, the Hong Kong people will not cut or block your way, they will wait for you, then only continue to walk the way.
Some electrical buses (if that is what it is called), more advanced and convenient public transports around for you.
What’s weird? Tired walking, leg cramp, and the every corner were just around the same. You will get lost if you are not familiar with the directions.
Rating: can I rate 2/5? It was because it was city full of buildings, and I do not really a shopping lover.

Date: 2nd May 2011, we took bus from Fen Ling (thanks to the kind accommodation given by a friend’s relative), and landed at the main street of Hong Kong

Time: 9am
Place landed: Star Seafood Restaurant
What’s special?
What else? Dim Sum, where your order kinds of dim sum and some you need to wait, the noodles were nice till then.
What’s weird?
Long queue, Hong Kong people are in a rush life, most of them fast, efficient, and do not wait for you to order if you think what you want to eat.
Rating: 4/5
** passed by and saw this cute fan dance show the women are performing **


Time: 10.30 am – 12pm
Place landed: Avenue of Stars, yes, again.
What’s special?
Well, it is really different from the day view and night view though. You can see many celebrities’ nice golden stars on the floor along the road. Here is the chance when you manage to find many well-known names of celebrities, not much of history, just the stars…..the avenue of stars
What’s weird?
Hot weather killed my skin, the path was quite okay, and many people from China grabbed the statues for taking pictures like there was no one else around.
Rating: 5 / 5

Time: 1.30pm – 3pm
Place landed: near Hang Lam place and Tsung Wan
What’s special?
The food still, thanks to Travbuddy, I met one Hong Kong friend where he brought us for the nice cheap street food, the portion is slightly larger than the Malaysian ones, but the price was reasonable, the street was busy with art-performer, if that was what it called and many women shop for cosmetics and make up stuff at here.
What’s weird?
The restaurants were small built, because the rental price I guess. People at Hong Kong are really busy in life. That was when I was just finish eating my noodles, and there was an old lady who wanted to find places to sit, and when she saw me eating finish, it was obvious she asked to leave as soon as possible so she can sit. So, I have to finished my food even faster and let her sit. She said: “youngsters, eat finish already, better leave, and let the seats for the old ones!” what a cute old woman.
Rating:  3/5

Time:  4pm – 8pm
Place landed: Peak Tram
What’s special? People are so into taking the tram to go to the peak, where four of us decided not to wait for the queue, we took taxi instead. The good thing was the taxi fare can be seen and being shown at the board, at least we know the budget, HKD 50 made us reach the top with no hassle.

Candle house was quite a journey, it really reminds us of the famous celebrities and those whom we should never forget how they bring life to our life, and they really did a lot for us people.

Sky Terrace is a place where you reach the top and see the whole city (I heard it was opposite side of the Avenue of Stars), at there, the wind was breezy and nice. The moment of being quite a while to make my mind more relaxing.

What’s weird?
If there is quite a mist in the sky, not worth to go Sky Terrace though, because you end up pay for getting cold wind, instead of seeing the buildings, and the lights.
Rating:  5/5


Time:  10pm – 1130pm
Place landed: Hong Kong Street
What’s special? Some things are cheap, some are obviously just want to get your money, business to business, but dollar to dollar, we bought some cute nice Hong Kong T-shirts, and we bought the usual fridge magnet as souvenirs, and the food at stall, love it… the fish balls are so nice!
What’s weird? Basically, not many to shop, all are just around the same, and the hawkers do not allow us to take their pictures of the food (too dirty I guess, yet nice to eat) and scolded me.
Rating:  2/5

Date: 3rd May 2011, wake up to see the cartoons at Disneyland!

Time: 9am
Place landed:  Chinese Restaurant at Fen Ling Street
What’s special?
Wow, the tea and coffee! So nice, so nice! The difference between the coffee at Hong Kong and Malaysia is the Malaysian’s coffee is too sweet with too much sugar inside(that is why you will see our coffee in black, as in too black); the one from Hong Kong, you can really taste the bitter but nice coffee.
What’s weird?
Out of nowhere, there was one fine guy who served us so differently than the other waitress. He is so patient, and smiled when served us despite we have so many requirement or orderings, hard to get such service from others Hong Kong people though.

Rating:  4 / 5

Time:  12pm – 830pm
Place landed:  Hong Kong Disneyland, cartoon world
What’s special? Love my all the cartoon during my childhood times, it made me feel so kiddo, yet so happy. I missed the cartoons, where I do not like animation because it is too real to be a cartoon. The Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Snow White, and lots more, the one I love most is Rapunzel!
For adults, watch all the shows based on the time, you will like it; for kids, enjoy the fun rides around.
The fireworks, not the typical normal ones you seen at Malaysia, as to celebrate their successful 5th year Disneyland, they make a concept of Rapunzel putting magic (fireworks) to the castle, you can see the effort and the message being conveyed to the audience.
What’s weird?
Too big and long queue to take pictures with the cartoon people, one whole tiring day; some place is boring for adults, I missed my Rapunzel!
Rating:  5/5

Time:  9pm – 11.30pm
Place landed:  Tung Chung Street
What’s special? We heard that the place has lots of sales happening around, so we thought to go there and check it out. The prices are very good indeed; people from medium income background should come here though.
What’s weird?
The shops were closed around 10pm, we kind late to go there I assume, we thought the shops will open till quite late for the people, aiks!
Rating:  3/5

Video of the Hong Kong Trip: 2 / 2  - Hong Kong Disneyland ~~~


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