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Exclusive interviews with animals and plants at Kuala Selangor Part II

Exclusive interviews with animals and plants at Kuala Selangor Part II

Riverview Restaurant
168 shop, place to buy food

16th April 2011 - And the journey continued. So, our next stop would be where? When you stopped by Kuala Selangor, miss no chance to enjoy the seafood around, since it is near to the sea. Before searching for sea creatures, I stopped by at 168 shop, the place where you can buy some food, biscuits, snacks,

crackers to pamper yourself when you go back, or to give out to your family and friends.

After wandering around, we finally decided to drop by at the restaurant next to 168 shop, the River View Seafood Restaurant (reasonably cheap and delicious Chinese seafood cuisine, evident in the numerous restaurants lining its coastal fringe, fully-fledged restaurant facing the river).
(the seafood menu)

More info, please have a look at: -

First, we sat down, ordered food, and then Mr River View Crab from the entrance greeted me. Then, we start our conversation.

Jezz: hi, Mr River View Crab thanks for inviting me to enjoy good food of eating you.

( Mr River View Crab)
Mr River View Crab: thanks for coming, but you came at the wrong time, my crab’s all have been sold out, you cam slightly too late.

Jezz: ………………………., never mind then. I shall eat other seafood. So what makes you stay here?

Mr River View Crab: Good food and good scene for everyone. These two reasons are good enough to make you want to enjoy everything at Kuala Selangor. Plus, the price is so cheap. Try talk to the river, my home.

Jezz: roger!

beautiful river at Kuala Selangor

Between river and sky, I love it

my foot landed at here

So I went to the river side to have my river view. I can hear the sound of the water in my ears, where I find it so peaceful every time I hear the sound of the water, seeing the fishes swimming around, the fishermen who came back after long day of working at the sea, the face of happiness of the fisherman and their family when they saw the husband or father coming back safely from work, the bright sky to match the river or sea, the moment of waiting the sunset, the moment to say bye to sun, and hi to moon, it is PRICELESS. Therefore, please take care of the environment, we are destroying our own home, yet no one seems to care nowadays. Heartache…the more people we care for the earth, we still can save our home - mother earth.

Sunset, here you go...

beautiful, isn't it? too bad it is just beautiful, need to be clean...

Catching nice angles of the view

After having a heavy dinner, off I set to another floras and faunas of Kuala Selangor – firefly. I had been dreaming of seeing these cute fireflies, which glowing like a lifetime Christmas tree, yet no sound, no harm they are to us, they are just beautiful. The type of firefly found in Kuala Selangor belongs to the Pteroptyx tener species. More info at:-

Firefly Park, Bukit Belimbing
So, we went to Firefly Park, Bukit Belimbing. The charge was within RM 15 per person if not mistaken. It was a 15-20 minutes boat ride, where you will sit quietly in the dark, and observe this little tiny creatures glowing behind the bushes. So, I said hi to Muscle Firefly stating outside the entrance, again1

Jezz: Muscle Firefly, you seem glowing!

Muscle Firefly: Duh? of course, as our kind are facing extinct, I must protect my own kind!

Jezz: so, can you tell me more about yourself?

Muscle Firefly:  Don’t you check out website? Google please! But since you named me as Muscle Firefly, I will give you some information then. During the day, we are hidden among the trees and plants in deep sleep. Once night sets in, usually at 8 pm, we, the fireflies will come out to play and mate for a few hours, retreating between 10-11 pm. On nights with full moons or under heavy rain, we will not come out at all. Ecologically, these bugs feed on the nectar found in the leaves of Berembang trees, which is why our preservation is essential for firefly conservation. Currently, damming projects and pollution upstream of the river threaten to inundate the mangroves and risk the extinction of fireflies. Consequently, whole livelihoods that depend on the tourism industry generated from firefly watching would be lost. So, that is why, protect us please!

Muscle Firefly
Jezz: people who read my blog will know what it means; of course we do not want you to be lost in the history in our life. Behold, stay strong! Guys, please protect the nature and be considerate.
So, after the interview, I went inside, there are places (valet) to stay here though, if you keen to stay just for the moment of staying with the firefly. I will feel it is expensive, but it is up to your choice still. As it is getting dark, I rested a while and took some pictures around. Then, I found a tree, he has a human face, please meet Spirit, the tree.

Jezz: hi, spirit. How is your day? What are you doing now?

The tree, named Spirit

Spirit: well, it was a hot day indeed, but you are lucky that it does not rain; else you will not see the fireflies. Right now, I am observing the beautiful moon; I fall in love with her.

Jezz: is that so, but the moon is so far!

Spirit: I believe in myself, and I am glad that she is still with me in my heart no matter how far she is.

Jezz: You are so romantic, wish you good luck and happy in love with her still till the end.
Spirit: life is complicated, but we are the one who simplify it. You see, I grew up from a plant to tree, I learnt many things, from preventing worms to attack me, being protect myself and my family of trees around me, and I love to see Ms Moon, she is bright, happy , and I feel so peaceful seeing her every night, almost every night.

Jezz: Good luck and I wish you shall be happy like we should do in our life.
I did watch the firefly after that, although I did not give up the 20 minutes journey of trying to snap the firefly pictures (still failed). Instruction of No flash and no sound was given, but seeing the firefly with my own eyes, the feeling is just great, seeing at website or book is just so different, so you too, should come out and explore, that is what life for, not everything needs huge amount of money, it is just the matter of whether you handle your money and spend at some places which is wise to be spent.

Talking to the trees...they whisper back to me...

Volla, my friends! More info of Kuala Selangor at:-

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