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Exclusive interviews with animals and plants at Kuala Selangor Part I

Exclusive interviews with animals and plants at Kuala Selangor Part I

16th April 2011 – I was able to persuade someone to go to Kuala Selangor with me for a half day trip on that lovely Saturday, and it was a splendid one. Going to Kuala Selangor for the second time, we went to some different place from our first trip.

Reach Bukit Malawati in evening time
At first, we stopped by at Taman Alam, and we walked around. As we are advised to rent bicycles to take some time to explore around, to check out the surroundings and birds, we ended up not to go in, as it was late and it would be dark by the time we were done. So, we went to Bukit Malawati. At Taman Malawati, you can never miss seeing the monkeys jumping around for joy and for food, when you feed them with peanuts, or crunchy Long beans. You will see someone will be selling monkey’s food to you if you didn’t bring some when you are at there.

There is a lot of museums for you to explore one by one, to know more about culture and history of people; and the good thing is there is free shuttle bus provided. After wandering at there for 10 minutes, I manage to interview some monkeys at there.

the 3 lovely lovers...

At first, I saw three monkeys were sitting on the cannon. They are Romeo, Stefan and Earlene. Then, I started to ask them questions.

Jezz: hi, how are you? Hot weather, isn’t it? By the way, can you tell me what are you doing sitting at there, Romeo?

Romeo: hi, I am fine. I am waiting for my turn to talk to Earlene. Earlene is the most beautiful female I had ever seen.
Jezz: why don’t you just go up and talk to her?

Romeo: (whispering) I can’t just cut line like that, you see, Mr Stefan came first before me, as I said, Earlene is hard to date, I had waited for weeks just to date her, but I am confident that she will like me.

Stefan: I did hear that, Romeo. We shall see how. (Grinning)

Jezz: Oh, both of you, please be patient, be more confident! It will be your turn soon anyway. Hi, Earlene, how is your lovely day?

Earlene: never been better, Jezz. It seems I will have a busy weekend, dating with Romeo and Stefan. I am just joking; I just want to make more friends and know each other better.

Jezz: okay then, you enjoy your day!

So when Stefan was talking to Earlene, Romeo got hungry. He was offered by some passer by some peanuts, so he took the peanuts, sat down and chilled around while waiting for his turn. So, I went to the next monkey, she is beautiful with her lovely golden kid with her, Deona and her kid, Bobo.

the happy family ^.^

Jezz: Hi, Deona. Thanks for spending your time with me. Can you tell me more about yourself?

Deona: You are welcome, Jezz. I was at Bukit Malawati for few months, and fall in love with my current husband, Mr Taz. We were married for 6 months, and till I gave birth to our lovely son, Bobo. He was looking for food now.

Jezz: that is a nice life you have, Deona. How does it feel to be a mother?

Deona: well, as a mom, you have to take care of the child all the time. There will be some of the monkeys which will come and bully Bobo. So, I have to be strong to protect him, as most of the time I need to breastfeed him. Taz will check out on us once a while just to ensure no one came up, because when you have a baby monkey with you, most of the people like to take pictures with us, or gave us food. Hence, there is a time when some monkeys which I do not know will try to snatch our food or take pic of theirs when they sat next to us. Oh, here is Taz! He is a quiet shy guy, but a very good father and husband.

Taz, bobo's father

Jezz: Hi, Taz!

Taz: Hi, how are you? (Talking softly)

Jezz: i am fine, thank you. You have a lovely wife and kid. I am proud of you.

Taz: thank you so much for your compliment. I do appreciate that.

Deona: Jezz, by the way, Bobo had just started learn to crawl, would you like to see him crawling?

Jezz: sure, why not?
(Bobo crawling at the back window of a car)

Bobo crawling...

Jezz: wow, he is cute, bravo on him! Well, I catch up with you guys some other time, it is dinner time! Going to interview another animal at Kuala Selangor!

Romeo, Stefan, Earlene, Deona, Taz and Bobo: Bye, thanks for coming to Bukit Malawati!


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