Thursday, April 14, 2011

suki Jezz First Indoor Rock Climbing

My First Indoor Rock Climbing

3rd April 2011 - Well, as any typical usual Sunday where most of us prefer to rest and spend time with family, it was amazing that I did not have any plan for my Sunday. So, I called up Dato Raymond and ask if anyone can pick me up for hiking session at Gasing Hill. Luckily, the activity was on. So, I agreed to join him and others. Dato Raymond is one guy whom you never expected to be walking as fast as a thunder! Wonder how old is him? Hmmm…never mind, he is just as young as he is (from inside). Thus, at 8am reaching Gasing hill, manage to get to see Mr Mark too. After that, off we went for breakfast of curry mee and coffee session.
After resting, I told all of them that I will be going rock climbing. “What! After hiking, you still go for rock climbing? Insane!” I just smiled back at them. “Yes, I guess, it was a coincidence that it fell on the same day as our hiking.

So at 12pm, I reached One Utama Shopping centre. At that time, I started to feel tired and lazy, and at that time, I do look bad. I finally met Mr Hansen for the first time after for so long chatting online! Then, we found the place: - Camping 5 (more info at yeepee! We went in and look for S.Yee. Thanks to S.Yee, we two lost sheep managed to know the procedure and get the necessary stuff. After taking all equipments, we went up and most of the people have arrived! The rock climbing was invited by my friend, Mr Shang, who in charge of lots of events. For those who like to join and hang out and have activities in a group – Budget Travelers
So, for the first time looking at the rocks and walls, I was like: “what??!!! My legs are shaking and the journey seems never ending!” but I did saw others climbing up as easy as ABC. I gasped a moment and went silent. Then, S.Yee came and approached me. “Would you like to try? Is this your first time?” “Yes, and I need guidelines.” She was kind enough to bring me over to another wall (should be the basic wall for beginners) “okay, now, just climb on the rocks regardless any colors, when you are good with it, then only start to step on specific colors.” So, I started to climb and grab the rocks. Wow, not easy! I was sweating and my whole body sore, but yet S.Yee kept on encourages me to go till the top. “Come on, come on, you can do it!” Finally, I made it! I made it! (Okay, might seem normal reaction for certain people, but I am glad at least I had tried)

Then, I walked back to the rock wall where others were at. I took quite a while to rest (find excuse not to climb up immediately). Mr Shang had been non-stop push us to go for it. “Come on, come on, do not waste your RM 40, just climb and go reach the peak!) He was my belayer for the rock climbing session. So this time, I started to pick on one colors for rock climbing, and of course the easier rocks still! I went up halfway and got lost. Mr Shang told me not to worry and teach me the way into how to find the solution.  In a team, there is a leader and follower, and most important, both must work together to make a success. I had learned this, and thanks to his proper clear instruction, I reached the peak again! But when I came down, I was exhausted. My hands were shaking and I can hardly talk to them. (Energy gone)
In the end, it was quite a good experience; at least I had tried for the first time in doing different new things again. So, have you tried? You never know, you might fall in love with it! But what I can see is, I am still aiming for basketball session, missing scratching people and snatching the basketball! (There are many hot guys at basketball court too)


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