Saturday, March 30, 2019

Weaning tots - kids play area Cafe Cheras MyTown (comprehensive menu)

29 March 2019 - Literally, this are too healthy, too cute and too pretty, family chef...creamy pasta carbonara was quite a good one... I believe the pasta is durum wheat but it could be just normal dry pasta.

Fresh guacamole - avocado, onions, tomatoes Mexico style, all fresh ingredients.

Beef lagasna is average.

Weaning tots is not just a normal kids friendly cafe... Kids can make own pizza, promote healthy delicious food, PlayStation consists of roof slides, blackboard drawing, colorful balls  on ground, sensory play such as locks, zips, art craft, library with books, dough, cars, etc.

Good enough for you to hands off and relax... But just be a little cautious so that your kids won't be going out the open entrance.

Staff and owners hospitality services are wonderful. 

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