Monday, March 11, 2019

Something to Rent - Malaysia

10 March 2019 -  The story goes like this....

It all started overnight thinking why so pitiful to see the dresses growing webs in the wardrobe while I don't have any party to dress up so nice. I will look like a weirdo to dress up nice at home!

It is heartache to sell (got feelings/ or one day I can dress up again, but god knows when!)

So, why not rent out and get some cash? Why not you rent the items for just a short period of time? Maybe both parties have a final agreement to rent first, buy at last!

1-time off fee: RM10 (just for admins to maintain this sustainable, like-minded fb group. *However, will be FOC for now*

And because of such ideas, it is actually still on the testing market for Malaysia culture. Some of the cons are, for example, not everyone feels comfortable or feel safe to loan out their items to strangers.

  • Some are not keen to borrow and rather keep buying or owning the items, no matter it is something you use every day or not.
  • Too many groups or website encouraging go green, but it turned into garage sales, preloved items, or the general big cars, houses, offices out for rent.

And thus, tada~~~~ here comes a brand new Facebook Group: SOMETHING TO RENT

Well, I do know there are many bridal shop renting out dinner dress, but this goes beyond just a party gown.

Also, when it comes to facebook group, it is always better for you to be the admin to control things, Sometimes you just end up kicked out not knowing what happened, if you join other facebook groups.

Here is the facebook group link:

No website for now....I plan to build a community with a reasonable membership fee only.

Here are some of the items you can think of to rent out or to rent for a short period of time:

1. Film & Photography
2. Audio Visual Equipment
3. Projectors & Screens
4. Drones
5. DJ Equipment
6. Storage
7. Electronics
8. Party & Events
9. Sports
10. Musical Instruments
11. Home / Office / Garden
12. Kids & Baby
13. Holiday & Travel
14. Clothing


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