Monday, October 16, 2017

Crab generations - len seng

Good for someone who crave for crabs, intro you crab generations...heard they are famous for Oreo cheese crab, but we just prefer something back to basic. Order the butter cream with curry leaves, two crab at rm90. Not bad for a price for fresh crab. However, I can only taste the cream sauce at the shells, doesn't blend into the meat. 
Steam Thai style white squids was a splendid dish. Soft, fresh, the Thai sweet spicy sour sauce gives a perfect matching. 
Green mussels with ginger garlic cuts on top. Flesh was hard and the ginger sauce is too strong to be paired with the mussels. 
A bit down seeing the white mantou is those frozen, but not handmade. Of course, fried mantou gives you better dipping go with any crab sauce. You shall come here if you looking for fresh crabs, cheap price, lots of different varieties of cooking style.

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