Saturday, August 5, 2017

The dark gallery - lifestyle chocolate cafe at mytown Cheras

27 July 2017 - I am not a sweet person, yet this chocolate cafe speaks out its chocolate innovation and creativity.
Do you know most of the typical chocolates contain so much sugar and fats? Well, taste the luxury but bitter cocoa and chocolate at here perhaps.
White French toast? Joking, burnt marshmallows outside and a big square filling real chocolate inside. 
Green tea brown rice probably just a norm like others cafe, and we ordered all three days different chocolate ice-cream: white, dark, brown? 
Coffee with chocolate ice cube reminded me of the first time taking coffee alcohol
Probably you are hook up if you craving for chocolate, the whole tongue tastebud will be super sweet tasting way too much different chocolate. Suggest you enjoy bit by bit, one by one, wash off drinking some water, only then try the next chocolate.

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