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Pisco bar changkat - cocktails, cebiche, churros

10 Aug 2017 - Now who wouldn't have know Pisco bar? Pisco Bar is one hang out place after work, an eclectic urban chic atmosphere, enjoying outstanding cocktails and live music performances, and dancing with some of the trendiest DJs in town. Well, what's cooking behind Pisco's kitchen, you might be asking. Want to know what's food available at Pisco? Read on to find out more.

The gastrobar's ambience was rugged, mysterious, a little bit of chic style. Funky music all night long, making you sway and move your body, bit by bit. The best part is the staff is well trained on their food and drinks, needless to say, the owners of Pisco, Yvonne, Nico and Leonie are always friendly, mingle around with their guests.

When it comes to bar concept, the only thing to make you simply different is definitely your drinks. Cocktail story of the night. What I like is a mix of local products with a twist.

Pisco Spice RM 36 – Pandan syrup in the drink recipe...oh my my, now who would resist pandan smell? Was wondering why egg white joining this cocktail mix, hmm...

And when you have a hot Chili martini RM 34. Vodka infused with lemongrass, chili, and luckily passion fruit syrup balance the martini, with a little of sweetness and spicy taste.


A wow factor for me, my First time trying Peruvian cebiche RM 44. Salad made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime. I was like, okay finally raw fish to be prepared in a different way, besides sashimi. I don't think three shots enough for me, as you keep going taking the cebiche. Nico, the marketing person for Pisco, explains the citrus juice mix with the raw fish, creates the name of tiger milk. *Photo provided by Pisco.

Pisco Tapas

When you come to a Spanish bar, it is always great drinks, come along with finger food or light bites. Pisco bar has a great tapas platter for you to choose, but then, you can also choose single tapas as your liking. Pisco Tapas RM68: Comprises deep fried baby squid, Parmigiana, Mushroom croquettes (cream base), Grilled chicken skewers and chorizo lollipop (Spanish cured pork sausage) .

The Pisco parmigiana is basically our take on the eggplant parmigiana and consists of layers of sliced eggplant, cheese and tomatoes, similar to a lasagna preparation method.

Some might find the chorizo a little bit salty, but when you try it as you enjoy your drinks at Pisco, you might feel otherwise.

Well, if you think that only Asian loves to eat rice, think again. Paella has been a family recipe, given a twist of the traditional recipe. For Pisco seafood Paella RM 80, they use mussels, prawns and big squids. However, you need to wait for 1 hour to have the paella ready.  The lemon twist is given a tangerine tasting as you are eating the Spanish seafood rice.

Churros RM 18, famous dessert snack in Spain. Pipe strips of dough with cinnamon seasoning. Pisco version is soft churros. Dip into the sexy hot chocolate at Pisco bar. Sugar rush in the blood, accompanied by live music in the happening gastrobar in Changkat.

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Opening hours: Tues - Sun, 5pm till late.
Expect Fri and Sat fully packed as their upper floor gonna be partying non -stop with famous DJs playing the music.
Closed on Monday.

Pisco Bar

29, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +60 3-2142 2900
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