Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hollywood cafe at c180 - pork platter

26 July 2017 - 
Recommended by Cheras Mommy Alice. Tempted as c180 is the hot topic for foodie hunters. First step into Hollywood cafe, and expect wide area, relaxing color tone of furniture, wall decor and even space in between each seats. The best is there is a playground slide for the kids (yes, kids never stay still) 
What I love is chef perhaps study Malaysia eating style - we like to share share and explore variations. As you can see, my seafood start up platter was a 6-7 types of seafood.
Signature is the pork chop, real pork meat, given generous, the fats part. 
Somehow, the way chef cooks, grilling just with simple pepper, salt,  and oil... The food reminds me of my childhood home cooked food done by my dad. Although the pork meat seems not the normal processed pork meat, portion is slightly smaller.
Too much French fries, 1/3 of the whole platter. 
Tried illy coffee and educate us on the menu, took special vanilla coffee but couldn't taste any vanilla in it. 
Yogurt ice-cream sour yet natural.
Nutella and green tea mille crepe were fantastic.
Price wise only rm30 below per main course, so cheap with such simple food. #Hollywood coffee and pastry at c180

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