Saturday, August 5, 2017

Butaya izakaya - Grilled Japanese skewers

Brother gets new grill Japanese restaurant from bloggers (ah ha, blogger marketing works) ..Butaya izakaya at hartamas..actually I can't remember all these Japanese words unless they write out the translation of story of the name. Can't remember all unless those franchise concept.
6 adults ordered 15 different dishes! Couldn't collage all the photos as we just have too much to share..
Ambience - feel like I am at Japanese food street, decorated with Japanese writing woodboard and Japanese TV program.
Signature food: 
- cold cut pork slices with mantou, definitely savoury with our classic mantou 
- tamagou egg with luncheon meat inside, but couldn't taste the speciality 
- grilled pork of all kinds of meat (satay style) simple salt, pepper makes the original texture with simple grilling and seasoning, BBQ smell and a little crisp on the outside of pork 'satay'

Others: ma Po tofu with China spicy chilli 麻辣 taste, pork meats sweet sauce rice, super fat and generous unagi meat.

The sashimi and salty ramen were just average, need improvement, or probably just an extra choices for you.

Worth for value, sake fan...come here.  Imagine you yourself enjoying pork skewers and sake in this Japanese theme grill restaurant, how nice!

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