Monday, August 14, 2017

BBQ chicken (Korean Style) at Tesco Midah

7 Aug 2017 - I was like joking: "BBQ chicken but promoting Korean BBQ chicken." so do you think the chicken is from Korea? Lol, must be plastic surgery chickens. 

Their unique selling point is 12 hours marinate with different seasoning. Probably I break the record to try so many different types of chicken on the table. Priced at rm15-30 per course. The chickens are not as big as you can see, smaller portion from the normal serving, just good enough. 

Very soft chicken meat, however sauce probably too sweet. Tried super spicy ramen, of course you won't go wrong when you cook ramen. The flour they use to fry the chicken is interesting, not those crispy like KFC, probably a finer bread crumbs mix with fine flour, nice.

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