Saturday, June 3, 2017

Isetan lot ten - forth floor premium dining

2 June 2017

Definitely a whole new elevating premium experience once you step into isetan lot ten forth floor premium dining experience...chic lounge music, open concept without much divider among all the restaurants, dim classy lights with all Japanese noren banners, premium furniture, the whole brand new isetan lot ten is a premium shopping, dining lifestyle experience.

They combine so many ingredients in their sorbet, till my tongue was twisted with all different kind of taste. Good to keep innovative, but too complicated might not be too awesome either.

Sinful as you try the perfect cheese cake, with it is camarelized burning taste at the outer layer.  

However I don't feel the deep fried big chunk pork meat is melting in the mouth as they claim.

My boy was so hyper running around.luckily, behind the kids menu, they have crayons and a ship photo for you to scribble, draw etc.... Allow them to pass time as you can enjoy your dine in. 

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