Saturday, June 3, 2017

Family outing at Sunway velocity Cheras

3 June 2017 - my big boy, GM has been very excited to go out. It seems that he feels so bored always end up staying at home with me or my mom. 

Notice that he always jump for joy whenever he got the chance to go out... The guilty mom has to bring him out again.

But where to go in the city, especially when you have two small kids and you handle all by yourself? 

It is a dangerous world outside, where even I am afraid to go outdoor park with both kids alone by myself. Those kidnap or robber incident just make me no confidence to do so. 

So our city family people normally will just head to shopping centres over the weekend. And today I am going to Sunway velocity at Cheras.

Luckily, it is not as crowded as before. When they were newly opened on Dec 2016, I heard there were pickpockets and many people stuck in the parking area for two hours just trying to go back!

Well, despite the parking is huge, the road is narrow and lots of zig zag turning. It is extremely hard for me to locate the nearest lift either. Head to red zone or yellow zone or the oku parking area to locate the lift. As we family always have to bring stroller along, we are definitely couldn't use the stairs and escalator as it is dangerous and so inconvenient.

With kids, I have no time for shopping. I went straight to the reception counter at concierge floor, ask the Chinese lady for directions. What I like is I can feel she is professional, give me clear direction,for Eg,  where is the baby room, which floor is all the children stuff, which floor has more food,  etc. 

Go noodles house was always my favorite. I tried the hq Jaya one,  the one at publika, and now at velocity! I have never see empty seats from 10am - 10pm, and there's always a queue waiting to be seated. The staffs are friendly, asking me to wait politely, a rough time of 15 mins to have a table.  Lots of waiters though, waiting period for the food will be around 15-20 mins, but it is all worth it. The freshness of the groupa fish, homemade fish paste, chewy tender pork meatball,  with garnishing of 'nin Sai', sweet clear soup (I believe they use pork bone to boil the soup) and the aroma drippings of 'hua diao' wine.... I want to assure you have to taste their fresh made chilli sauce. As you can see,  they blend the chillies, but not fully, with the seeds, you gonna burn your tongue and butt. Every sip, slurp,  yummy! 

This is a bonus for velocity as they offer train ride at rm6 per person, located on 2nd floor. GM was so excited as it is his first train ride! And it is a devil though, haha... A 5-10 mins train ride at 2nd floor, and he saw an indoor open concept playground, ails... Good too... As we don't have much time really walk around or to do window shopping. 

Baby breastfeeding room. They have more than the basic stuff :diaper changing area, dustbin, hot and normal water filter, milk bottle liquid cleanser, baby soapy water in case you want to wash your baby buttock as they poo, air purifier, two private room for you to breastfeed. Best part is they have the baby room at each floor. 

I just don't get it, rm13 for a cup of such a strong aroma of tea mix with a super concentrated heavy cheese on top? 'drink this 45 degree, make sure drink the cheese and the tea at the same time. ' meh, still don't get it, not a good taste and it is a weird combination for me. 

The food street at forth floor was a little bit too quiet. A quick lunch trying keng keng chilli pan mee. I believe price is competitive, they have to do rm15 for my meal plus drink. Pan mee is alright, but then again, why deep fried such big anchovies for pan mee? Not crispy and basically this type of anchovies are more soup base. Always adding the dark red dried chilli paste make food taste nicer. 

Another bonus for velocity. They build an indoor playground but open concept FREE for children to play.  Yes, such a generous and thoughtful developer. I repeat, free! GM just enjoy playing at here for like 1 hour, though most of the playground are slides, and steep stairs, younger kids can come to enjoy. However, do take note that the compound area surrounding the playground is low, as in your kids might crawl or run out from the area,without you noticing it. Also, your active kids might run out to the exit or entrance (same)  as there is no barrier to stop them. Also, you might have to keep an eye on your kids as you couldn't see them as your vision might be blocked by the slides.

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