Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sakura sushi - new branch taman Midah cheras

Tried Sakura Sushi, the newly opened Taman Midah branch. Heard the owner is a Hong Kong man.
Target for cheap and mass concept, each sushi priced at RM2-4. What I love is I get to enjoy nice sashimi, however, it might not be the fresh sashimi, it could be frozen type, later then defroze for you to eat. I think this is normal expectation, and we couldn't ask for more.

Unagi priced at RM20.

Maki maki, always my favorite wrap roll.

Pink sakure icecream, most probably some food coloring powder, some fragrance, here and there.

Salmon belly, fattening and very very nice when dipped into the Japanese soy sauce.

Tried their fried potatoes cake, not that bad as well.

If to compare Sakura Sushi with Sushi Mentai, I would prefer to go for Sakura, as they give you better stuff.

I had bad experience with Sushi Zanmai though.

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