Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Breastfriendly Nursing wear - Milk at 27

18 Feb 2017 - Well oh well, now it is the second baby coming through and I was frustrated with the same old fashion thing? I mean like, what is my so-called old-fashion breastfeeding clothings?
Well, I have to, being forced to, I should say, to put on 2 pieces of top and bottom, so that we can lift the clothes up for breastfeeding.

The dilemma would always be like, argh, I cant put on my nice casual one piece dress and breastfeed? Of course I couldn't, how should I breastfeed if there was no baby room at certain area? Not that I always go to shoppping centre, there was time when we are somewhere in the park or public area, where there wasn't any baby room. Plus, with the nursing wear shawls, the growing baby will start moving here and there, sometimes even pull off the breastfeeding shawls! Argh, such a inconvenience!

I remembered I passed by a normal mother care shop, whereby they sell lots of different breastfeeding friendly/ nursing wear dress, but then again, the dresses/ clothings look like a simple design, but charging at RM80 and above. It was like not my thing, till I found this brand online - MILK AT 27.

The founder Ms Sharon is a great mommy blogger from Malaysia, from an ex-stewardess to a full time mom entrepreneuer. Those were the days  NOW are the days where both parents have to work really hard to sustain our family, not to mention, not all stay at home mom want to have more opportunities to get extra income and persue our dreams, but for the sake of family, we give up jobs and focus on raising our children, whilst searching for the right things to do.

Personally, I made a quick view at their shopping section at their Facebook page. All the breastfeeding nursing dress are so 'delicious' for example: 
  1. ang ku kueh
  2. churros cny
  3. seri muka
  4. mochi
  5. macaron
  6. sorbet

My personal like will be the tai tai shirt dress, this is so me, like the sporty and casual dress. However, as that time is CNY season upon my baby delivery, I thought to give a try on their NEW arrival - Mochi Dress in Majestic Purple.

For mochi dress, it is a zip down function for its Nursing Access.
There is a detachable "bib" inside for coverage when zipped down, so that you can breastfeed your child without much distraction from the public.

This is how it will look like when you zip it down, lift up the bib slightly, and you can breastfeed your child, with the bib covering the baby head as he/ she is drinking your milk.

This is how it looks like the whole dress. The whole dress fabric material is Polyblend with Sheen (Light) - soft, aromatic polyurethane elastomeric alloys, and it is more wrinkle resistant. If there are options like those free size cotton dress, I would be shopping even for more! As I love free size, stretchable kinda clothes material.

Guess how much for this dress? RM 119 only. The quality is under QC control, and I would say all the finishing are well done for a small startup with self-made homegrown brand. Their breastfeeding-friendly dresses make me dress up worry-free, nursing my child at any special occasion. The best part is you can dress up, looking beautiful and more confident.

Oh yeah, if you are a silent reader, perhaps you can check 

MILK AT 27 via facebook page:  

Their instagram:

Direct whatsapp: +6010-366 7793 Sharon

*Just tell her you are Suki Jezz's silent reader, and maybe she will know that you are getting some information from here! Just kinda 'stalk' Sharon and she is happy to inform you that if you mention my name - SUKI JEZZ, you are entitled to get 20% off ~~~~ wow, what a good deal! the discount valids from 1st Dec until 31st Dec 2017. Good enough to celebrate a wonderful 'breastmilk' Xmas gift!

T&C: The 20% available on current ready stock/ for non-sale items. 

Hope it helps to solve all our mommies fashion dilemma problem while we are breastfeeding!

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