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Babyhood relaunch, Little Kingdom Parkson

8 April 2017 - Oh gosh, apologies for the backdated blog updates. Haven't been to media events on regular basis, as I also couldn't manage my two kiddos in a public event.

I was invited by to attend Babyhood relaunch event at Little Kingdom, Parkson Maju Junction Shopping Mall.

What a delight, when I got to know that I am allowed to bring my kids to the event, as they offer a small kids area as we all mommy bloggers can attend the launching. However, it seems that the children high pitch voice win over the emcee of the day. Oops, mind my 'ears'.

After the brief sharing on the latest BabyHood products by Puan Noraizan from Supreme Global, , this is where my eyes were wide open. Never did I knew that there is so much functional kind of baby cot, playpen, car seat and stroller. I must have been 'cheated' to be in the traditional ways. The cost, time, and additional space that we have to think of, for each baby and kids product? Now, Babyhood, where have you been all this while? If only, I met Babyhood via earlier, LOL!

Okay, I like to keep things short and sweet. Let's first talk about the branding. BabyHood slogan - safety, quality, innovation. Well. oh well, they made their promise. It is my first time to see baby and children products that are really cool in innovation and their functions, and not to mention,minimalist design, since it really can save you lots of money and lots of space too. Here's why:

*I scanned all their leaflets for everyone info sharing.

The first product as per the display that grab my attention is definitely 5-in-1 Kaylula Sova Cot (Classic and Clear)

So this is the real baby cot size as per the photo. To make its unique selling point, here it is:

  1. Clear panels to make sure parents can be able to watch the baby, or the baby checking out the parents?
  2. Quality, using the highest grade European beach wood timber. 
  3. wonder why 5-in-1? Because this baby cot is like a transformer, it can transformed into:

cute little bassinet
  1. bassinet
  2. Cot
  3. Toddler bed
  4. Playpen
  5. Table and chairs

tables and chairs

This is for real, the cot can be changed into tables and chairs!

Basically, Babyhood Kaylula Sova Cot with their solid and strong base, make sure it stays with you for years as your child grow up. I love their color matching as it gives you the soft calm feeling as your child stays in the cot.


Next, it's The Babyhood Classic Sleigh Cot 4 in 1 and Classic Curve 4-in-1 Cot.

These are the unique selling points of Babyhood Classic Sleigh Cot 4 in 1 and Classic Curve :

  1. Ergonomically designed to save your back with babyhood’s famous smooth single hand internal drop side. 
  2. It explains of worth for value. Why? The cot 4-in-1, grows with your child as the base levels adjust from bassinet, cot and toddler bed. 
  3. Safer for your baby with BPA free teething rails that are very discreet. (PS: Didn't know anything about teething rails safety on cot)

Next is their glider. I was surprised to see all these big comfortable sofa chairs on the display, makes me wonder, now how can it help in our daily mommy lifestyle?

Not massage chairs of course, the secrets are....

The babyhood Glider chair - DIVA is designed for greater comfort whilst mommies like us need to breastfeed our babies every 2-4 hours each day. I remembered during my confinement, and with all those self-taught techniques we googled online - stuffing pillow at the back, getting the nursing pillow the big U design, all failed for me. By the time my child cried like mad, hunger for my breast milk. I was so panic that I quickly offer my breast for my baby, only to adjust the position. However, I do not get the comfortable breastfeeding position that I want. I feel so stressed that I need to go for body massage, as the position is wrong. My lactation nurse also told me to have the right position to ensure proper latching. Sighed, thank god we have Babyhood glider chair.


  1. With a smooth gliding motion and a lockable recline, the seat is adjustable to ensure you are in a comfortable position for your body's needs. You will experience great support and comfort while feeding and in particular your neck, shoulders and lower back areas will be assisted with the support of a well fitting glider. 
  2. The matching gliding ottoman (which is included) also enhances the gentle gliding motion. 
  3. Babyhood Diva Glider feeding chair is suitable for Adult up to 90 Kg weight. 

  1. Large wide backrest.  
  2. Large padded seat. 
  3. 360-degree swivel. 

Aside of their diva glider (grey), they also have Manhattan glider (black), Sovereign glider (latte), and Savannah glider (chocolate) with an additional feature, which is: Pillowtop technology on both seat and ottoman pad.

Besides the amazing baby cots and gliding chairs, Babyhood also offers wonderful playpen and different function ALL-IN-ONE baby seats and strollers.

What I like about Babyhood is that all of their products deliver quality, comfort, meeting the Australian Standard for Domestic use Cots (feel safe and secure for our child), and their designs are classic yet contemporary.

Are you ready to shop for BabyHood products in Malaysia? Check out:

or vice versa, save the hassle, start shopping online at and enter babyhood in the keyword search box.

This Babyhood blogger event is brought to you by Supreme Global and (Nuren Group)

Make a quick wefie with Carol from and Valerie from

Little Kingdom Review

Okay, after finishing the event, I explore the Little Kingdom at Parkson Maju Junction Mall. This little kingdom must have been hidden in the castle? (I had never heard anything from them on marketing and promotion at all). It was like a mini city and shops for our kids.

Each shop has also the occupation or things to do, for example baking, musician, etc, but it seems they lack of staff and not much we can see as we walk in.

They do have some indoor playground and some choo-choo train though.

simply magical castle

They have some mascot and singing performance on stage for the kids.

Now why Kidzania seems to be the talk about fun playground, rather than Little Kingdom? Hmm..the entrance fee per RM 50 for each child and adult. Well, technically speaking, we adult or the guardian would have to bring the kids for the fun play indoor 'kingdom'. But, a bit off set, as we need to bear both adults and children fee.

How, unfortunate, as I blog and google on this, Little Kingdom announce temporarily closed until further notice.

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