Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ipoh road yong tau Foo - new place

29 Apr 2017 - Shifted to new place

Gusta cafe at soho suites klcc - Nepal dumplings

24 Apr 2017
Nepal cuisine, similar with Chinese
Full fillings wrapped with handmade dumpling skin

Friday, April 21, 2017

Negeri hin yi

16 Sept 2016

Double queue Thai food

17 Sept 2016

El cactus Seremban

17 Sept 2016

Question mark cafe, pandan indah

21 Oct 2017 - Question Mark Cafe has been revamped into Kofix Cafe.

25 Sept 2016 - Another surprising cafe visit... offering u cheap and delicious big breakfast and hot food, not to mention their bitter yet aromatic coffee beans scent in the air in such a relaxing atmosphere upon stepping in questions mark cafe in pandan indah, waving to u at the corner among all the local food restaurant... totally happy n satisfied with the food and services...a food porn hook up I would say.

Wichday cafe connaught

29 Sept 2016

Jin man fish ball noodles, tayton view Cheras

1 Oct 2016

I miss their fish maw and fish cake a lot...all own made using sai dou fish..yummy! At Jin man fishballs  金满满

Cheong kee hakka mee pandan indah

14 Oct 2016