Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Baan Kun Ya, Best Thai Food in Centrepoint, Bandar Utama - Tomyam soup, green curry chicken

15 July 2016 - Thought it was nice to catch up with all the meetups kaki - The Budget Traveller gang. As Rosli will be leaving KL back to his hometown to settle down, it was nice to catch up with the gang.

As the little lost sheep like me as usual, even think that oh, the Thailand restaurant is located in Centrepoint at One Utama Shopping Centre! Lame, man!

I was so late reaching Centrepoint, Bandar Utama, and walked to Baan Kun Ya immediately. The restaurant is decorated with its wooden design, and some Thai statue display, bringing out the Thai atmosphere; cosy dining area with the wooden tables and chairs.

Well, luckily Karen, my dear girlfriend reserved some of the food for me. They couldn't wait as I went to the wrong place.

Hmm....I always got the strange feeling when eating Miang Kham RM 26, leaf-wrapped salad bite, probably the leaves turn me off, but not the ingredients - ginger, shallots, cashew nuts, and chillis.

Thai Style Fried Chicken RM 28. The chicken was first marinated with dried Thai spicy herbs, crunchy as you bite on their deep fried chicken skin, yet enjoying on the soft tender juicy poultry meat.

The typical Malaysia's favourite - stir-fried kangkung aka morning glory (I don't know why the Thai name kangkung as morning glory) RM 18. I wouldn't comment on this as Kangkung isn't my favourite after all.

Thinking that the Gaeng Kiao Wan (green curry chicken) RM 36, might be just a normal dish, I was wrong, the creamy tasty green curry chicken was all blended well along as I took a bite of it. See how creamy it is? It comes along with long beans and eggplants.

As most of the gang was sporty and healthy people, we go for healthy brown rice.

Steamed seabass with lemon sauce RM 46. Well, this is always better than the deep fried fish. Chinese always love to eat steamed fish, as it keeps the nutrition and the taste, as well as the freshness. All you need is lemon juice, garlic, chilli, and onion, followed by the topping of coriander leaves, lime slices, chilli to make the fish being well presented. sweet, sour tangerine, comes along with the not-to-be-missed chilli as flavourings.

My first sip of their clear spicy seafood tomyam soup RM 28-48, it was like WOW! This is the most sour and spiciest tomyam soup I have ever tasted in Malaysia! And hmmm, now I know why some people prefer clear soup, they cannot stand with the coconut milk in the normal tomyam soup.

My comment: Overall, price is decent, given the service and you can really crave for its authentic Thailand taste again and again. I will recommend the tomyam soup and green curry chicken, among all other dishes.


Baan Kun Ya

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Add: F107-F110, 1st Floor, Centrepoint, No.3 Lebuh Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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