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Wisdom Light Water (Bai Shi Yin Guang Li Liang) 白世音光力量 - Positive Energy

9 Aug 2016 - As I was posting some of my concern and thoughts in my personal Facebook (for my family issue), a Facebook friend approaches me and explained about light energy water. I was like huh, what is it? MLM? Direct sales? Drink water that contains light energy? Couldn't understand a bit of it. Turned out my friend used to have serious medication on her depression. After finding ways for solution, she found wisdom light water by Prof Bai Shi Yin to reduce her depression. This has been proven as she herself has her own medication cut off by 70% decrease.

I took some time to understand this light energy water, be it from the superstitious belief or scientific point of view. At first, Oliver meets me in person, and he has been drinking light energy water for 4-5 years. So what is the story behind this light energy water? It's all started with WISDOM-LIGHT TECHNOLOGY.

What is Light Energy?

Well, let's started off with this light energy in terms of scientific terms. Remember when we study science during our secondary school? where light can travel through a completely airless space?
Do you know that water can hear our voice?

Okay, now let's talk about water. Have you heard od Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan? He is the one who did the water research of water crystal transformation. By producing different focused intentions through written and spoken words and music and literally presenting it to the same water samples, the water appears to “change its expression”.

What is Wisdom Light water by Prof Bai Shi Yin?

So now you know about light and water. This is when it all comes into a practical explanation. Prof Bai Shi Yin using her special wisdom light formula, which is: Light + Water = Wisdom Light Water. She later innovated the 8+6 Energy Exchange Formula and put into the water bottle or onto the sticker, whichever applicable.

explanation on the wisdom light formula

Okay, so now we explain this wisdom light. This is what I get from Bai Shi Yin website:

It explains "Wisdom-Light is the succinct discernment that manifests in a flash, exceeding the speed of the thought process of a normal person. Instant and precise in its decidedness, it facilitates the resolution of unimaginably complex issues at lightning speed."

I don't know what I was reading, perhaps their Chinese explanation could make more sense. Verbally, Oliver explains that Professor Bai Shi Yin has the special formula to input this wisdom light, which is I want to simplify it as 'POSITIVE POWER' into the water, and by drinking this wisdom light water, it transfers more POSITIVE POWER into your body. Thus, better luck, better health, better complexion, better environment, etc.

So why do we need positive power? This is because all of us will have NEGATIVE POWER, or even surrounded by the negative power. So, what is defined as negative power? those who are stressful in life, always have negative thoughts, surrounded by friends or people who have negative thoughts.

Simplified explanation: Negative energy robs you from your vitality and wellbeing, while positive energy rejuvenates, and keeps you in a state of joy, happiness and good health.

To understand simplified facts of negative and positive energy:

Therefore, by drinking wisdom light water with its 8+6 energy exchange formula inside, it will transmute the human body with positive energy light , reducing the negative power inside you.

With all the proper scientific research, you may be surprised that this wisdom light water research get awards and recognition:

So here comes the Q and A session with Oliver, the guy who introduced and explained on this wisdom light water.

Me: "Why do some of the country have mineral water supply, which others countries use the sticker?"

Oliver: "It's because not all water in the world can produce the final 8+6 energy exchange formula."

Me: "What are the changes you can see in yourself?"

Oliver: "Well, I really feel good, better luck in my life and career, as well as my complexion."

Me: "Is this a direct sales/ MLM? Why do you recommend to other people if it isn't?"

Oliver: "It isn't, really. The purpose is just to reach out to people and healing/ helping more people. That's what we believe."

How to use? Drinking, spraying, patting


Perhaps the wordings are too small, I will type all the benefits at here:

  1. harmonious interactions between couples, children, family, in-laws, neighbours, staff, 
  2. better luck and fortune for any auspicious event, such as: marriage, gifting, baby full-moon, birthdays, holiday travels, all festive occasions, all ceremonies, 
  3. reduction of disputes, violations, misconduct
  4. illness: reduce from pain, strengthen the body, reduce stress and mental awareness
  5. health/ well-being: improve eye-sight, rejunevation, delay ageing process, giving up smoking and alcoholism, transmuting strong body odour
  6. personality/ human character: elevating/ increase wisdom, character, efficiency, self-confidence
  7. academic: improve studies, writing skills
  8. business: improve business performance, project commencements
  9. water sources: improve water quality, transmuting rivers, oceans
  10. agriculture: strengthen plants production, prevent pest infestations, preserve fruits freshness, 
  11. environment: transmuting the environment, peculiar smells, reduction of radiation


My own testimonial

Are there any changes in my life? Well, believe it or not, I introduce this to my mom. Now, my mom is someone who is superstitious, but you will be surprised that I can see that she becomes happier and surprisingly, more outgoing, and more positive-thinking. I did notice my husband face starts to glow after drinking the water regularly. On other things like career, luck all seems normal.

So this is how it looks, just like a normal mineral water:

So cute, this water formula has more 'love' and 'happy' light energy

As for myself, I did not drink it on regular basis. So, I couldn't comment much, but I noticed my closed relatives and husband have some changes, perhaps I should start drinking the wisdom light water on regular basis.

I do not sell or promote this. The reason I am blogging this is because there is very little info of Wisdom Light Water in Eng version. And I believe the wisdom light water can really help and heal more people, by giving more positive energy in your mind and body.

So you think it is related with any particular religion? Not really. Anyone can drink it, but perhaps it is more well-known in Chinese explanation, as Prof Bai Shi Yin always explain in Chinese, some people believe it is related with Chinese religion, but it isn't.

Expensive? Nope, it costs me like RM 2- 5 per bottle, and you drink only 1 bottle a day (for normal cases.) If you believe you have too much negative energy in your body, there is a recommendation in terms of how many bottles you should drink a day. No harm trying since it isn't expensive, plus it doesn't really bring any black magic/ witch to poison our mind.

If you would like to get the wisdom light water, you can contact Oliver at his facebook:

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