Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Take up the world's spiciest instant noodle - Spicy Korean Noodle Sam Yang

22 July 2016 - So I heard it, after the Penang white curry laksa (which didn't impress me at all), I heard the rumor has it (took Adele's song title) - the legendary spiciest Korean noodle has arrived in KL.

And from the ears and mouth and even instagram, unfortunately, I didn't know the pronunciation of the Korean noodles. Now, how would i know I bought the authentic spicy Korean noodles - Sam Yang?

Until one day, I walked into a Chinese medicine shop and there it was, display at the front entrance. I asked the shopkeeper is this is the legendary spiciest Korean noodle in the world, she replied YES!

So finally I take you up as a challenge, huh? Priced at RM 20 for 5 big packs.

Waiting for my instant noodles to be cooked, here is the super dark soy sauce and the sesame seeds from the packaging.

Complete the dry noodles 'masterpiece'. Guess what? First bite, tasty...and then when it goes down to the tongue, extremely spicy! and reaching the throat, it was like my throat is on fire!

Couldn't finish even half of the plate...I have to rest for like 10 minutes, drink lots of cold water, only then continue the other half.

Stomach has been on fire for one whole day after that, not to mention the next day going to the toilet was...erm...need me to describe further? how should I say, toilet explosion? LOL.

Overall, Sam Yang Korean noodles is really spicy yet flavorful, luckily the sesame seeds being in more flavors. But then again, too spicy and oily as you can see from the plate.

So, are you game for Sam Yang spicy Korean noodles? Recognise the packaging and buy it, see how it rocks your buttock and stomach, LOL.

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