Thursday, September 15, 2016

Janova Banana Leaf - banana leaf rice, special upside down coffee

29 July 2016 - I have a lovely 'date' with Ms Liitha Krishnan, the World Bachata Festival event organizer in KL. If you are a rhythm divine or you love Bachata, check out:

Liitha asked me to come to Janova Banana Leaf in PJ...Hmmm, rarely heard there is nice banana leaf in PJ though, as most of them are available in Bangsar and Brickfield area.

I ordered their signature hot coffee. At first, the hot coffee was in their stainless steel cup, placing upside down inside a bowl. Didn't know what to do with it, I remove the cup, and the coffee was poured into the bowl. And then, I was thinking, huh, drinking the coffee using a bowl? And then the staff saw my puzzled look, he demonstrates by pouring the coffee back to the bowl. Hmm...wonder why such fuss, but certainly it is interesting!

Here comes the authentic indian banana leaves rice! Given you 3 choices vegetables, papadam, yogurt lassi, sour soup, and many more. But somehow or rather, I still miss the banana leaf rice at Sri Nirwana Maju.

Liitha was not feeling that well, so she ordered the puttu, that comes along with a banana? Hmm, although I feel puttu and putu mayam taste the same, Liitha says both are different type of dish.

Last was my favourite...I have always enjoy eating cucur sayur rangup (crunchy vegetables fritters in English) , fried flour with mixed of vegetables. crunchy and delicious...with lots of different vegetables, sweet onions, turmeric leaves and turmeric powder enhance the flavour.

They don't allow free refill of vegetables for your info.


Janova Banana Leaf

5, Jalan Barat, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Landmark: Near to PJ Hilton

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