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We support breastfeeding by TBAN - Gift of Love, Charity Bazaar 2015

9 August 2015 - I was thrilled because my baby is reaching 1 year old, and I still breastfeeding him. So when I got to know the TBAN facebook group by Gina Yong organized "TBAN Big Latch event", - "Gift of Love" Charity Bazaar 2015, I was so excited to participate.

The event was organized in Subang Parade shopping centre, which I always think they have funny railways stairs, and escalators.

Now the first booth that caught my attention in the bazaar was 'Cookie Tales'. By telling you that the secret cookies ingredients that help you to boost your breast milk supply, you would definitely try it!

Cookies Tales - Lactation cookies. Their cookies do not have any sugar and preservatives. Well, I can't really tell if I really did boost my milk supply or not (I don't have much by then), but all I know is once I open the jar of cookies, I have been munching all the cookies everytime I pass by the kitchen table! Crunchy, tasty and just delicious!

Cookie Tales

Hp:010-366 5128

There are some homemade jam and paste for sale as well.

Hmmm...this is interesting. Rhymba Hills tea. Seeing they are doing some sampling, I went to taste their natural tea - Ginger Tea, Misai Kucing Tea, and Lemongrass tea.

Ginger tea is used to help to kill off colds and flu, inflammation and increase metabolism.

Misai Kucing Tea is used to alleviate health conditions like diabetes, gout, arthritis, kidney cleanser.

Lemon Grass Tea helps with digestion, flatulence and it is an excellent anti-cancer remedy.

The selling point of Rhymba Hills Tea are they are using non-bleached bags, packed in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified factory, and the tea leaves are sourced from the northern parts of Malaysia, where the water originates from the limestone mountains.

I end up feeling so happy drinking the Misai Kucing Tea, and I bought 2 boxes, as they are having some promo in the bazaar.

Contact: 010-208 8993

After checking out all the booths, I and baby saw lots of parents bringing their lovely babies to the main area where we will doing the big latch together.

Special thanks to the VIPs and TBAN admins in officiating the event: YB Hannah Yeoh, Gina Yong, Felicia Suah, Daphne Lee-Yang, Ashley, Daphne Lee, and all others TBAN members supporting the breastfeeding journey.

Upon waiting for the launching, and as we are waiting for the right time to offer breast milk to our babies, some babies are already crying for our breasts! Luckily, not long after that, we countdown together: "3, 2, 1...and LATCH!" is like celebrating 'latching' moments many mommies and babies came to support the event.

After the big latching event, I walked to the stage corner and see many people line up to get some cool art painting.

My baby got a yellow smiley face and a cute star for his hand art painting!

Photo collage of the moment, I was so touched, see how my baby sucks milk as comfort.

I was so proud getting a certificate for supporting the big latch event as well.

Special thanks to TBAN group for making such a great effort in supporting breastfeeding, go go girl power!


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