Thursday, June 23, 2016

Printcious - Customized gifts for you and your loved ones

23 June 2016 - The only gift I always like is when you only own the only one, and no other have the same gift - customized gift, and with special words being crafted on it, or you can print your memorable photo on the gift.

I have been wanted to start a similar gift customization website/ service in the past, but alas, doesn't have any connection with any gift supplier, and has limited knowledge in setting up e-commerce.

So as I was browsing through my Facebook like the everyday task, I saw Printcious is promoting its service on Facebook. Well, you got me, as I was thinking what gift should I get for Father's Day.

Printcious, with its tagline - Precious Gift from Your Heart. Now, there's two part of categories - Items that you can purchase exactly the same pre-designed items, or you can create your own, by adding own words, font, and image.

Items that they sell and items that you can design too:
  • T-Shirts
  • Mugs 
  • Cushions 
  • Phone Cases 
  • Ceramic Tiles 
  • Puzzles 
  • Mousepads 
  • Mini Tees 
  • Baby Rompers
  • Coasters
Let me try to test on their online navigation and also how easy it was to customize the product:

Baby rompers are always that cute:

At here, you can see that item description, price, sizes and the quantity you want to print.

When you click on 'Customise It' You have the tool settings of adding text, image, QR code, and Barcode. You can also adjust the font size and the font type.

The green box indicates the safety lines to print your desired designs.

Overall, you can see I type in my name, but ish, this baby romper was not for me, okay? Can't even fit into my head!

So, now you know where to design, personalised your own gifts, or even shop some cool designs that you are crazy for?

Printcious also accept bulk order, with the minimum order of 20 pcs of the same item. Just drop them an email, and they shall give you a special corporate price.



Join Printcious under my special invitation link:

Printcious promises you:
  • 7 Days Free Return if you are unhappy with the items you received.
  • Free Delivery Above RM 60 for West Msia
Tel: +6019.3232.502
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