Thursday, June 23, 2016

DIY Art Print Father's Day Card - Baby and Mommy Teamwork

18 June 2016 - I have been exploring to think what's the easiest way to make a DIY card. Well, I am definitely not an artist or painter. Browse through the internet and saw many children just draw or paint their hands/ feet on the card. I was like, this is easy, shouldn't be that hard!

So I gotta find art paint that is non-toxic and colors that can be washed off easily, so that we know it is safe for the kids.

Read some reviews online where the mommies use food coloring to make the colour paint. Some colors were even hard to be washed off! Nah, gotta save the hassle.

I and baby went to Popular Bookshop, and we were wandering around the art section. I have no idea what I need to buy. Luckily, the staff guide me and tell me to buy this Finger Paint by Pop Artz. 4 different colours, non-toxic, safe, acid-free. Nice. 50 ml in total. Alright, good to have different colours as well.

I opened the container and you can see how thick the color is. I had tried to dilute the painting with very little water, but the hand print on paper wasn't impressive.

And I just go, whatever! Just place the thick art paint on my baby's hands and feet. One colour one at a time of course.

And so, here is the 'masterpiece':

Left and right feet of my baby.

Left and right hands of my little baby.

And this is the mess. Well, I couldn't find any newspaper or big paper to place on the floor. Gotta be cautious next round.

Gotta bring baby to the toilet to wash off the art colours.

He himself admires his own work....LOL.

and I helped to write all Father's Day wishes.

Happy Father's Day and Buona Festa del Papa!

Do you have any more DIY craft ideas? share with me in the comment box below!

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