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Winter in Italy and Baby Baptism Ceremony

Jan - Feb 2015 - It was the winter season in Italy, and baby Giacomo was 6 months old. We decided to go back to Italy to have him to become a Christian in the church, where we will have his official infant baptism ceremony.

Finally, I knows how it feels the winter in Italy! So cold, and worried that I might break my nose, haha! I wrapped myself and my baby like cold mummies.

Here comes the 'wishing well' - nah, just joking.

Got to see parts of the Christmas decoration on the table at my in-laws family home.

All wrapped up pork sausage - salami, waiting for you to cook and eat.

So this is how they decorate the real pine tree with lights!

Santa claus is climbing up the ladders to drop your presents into the chimney!

And this time, I bought back lots of ready made spicy sauce in the convenient packaging from Malaysia, cooking super hot and spicy food for the family during the cold winter time, well, I am not the chef in the house, of course. I only 'supply' the sauce, LOL!

curry chicken.

tomyam seafood.

curry pork meat

This is sweet sour version of the vegetables and pork ribs.

I want to see how different the wet market would be. and I found this fish monster. named Lophius or monk fish.

This cute furry dog, named new found land dog, and this type of dog can swim in the sea!

When mama took out some of the good old photos of my husband, so cute!

When Federico served in the army.

It was terrible for me in winter time, I was sick for 2 weeks at least, the flu, cough, and making me having massive headache due to block airway. I used the hot vapour evaporation style, which is:

  • Pour boiling water into a basin, put 1-2 teaspoon of Vicks.
  • Cover your head facing the basin, with a towel totally covered.
  • Inhale and exhale for 10-15 minutes.

After that, you can breathe easier, and sneezing all your mucus out from your nose.

We did use the aerosol therapy, where we allow the air to go through our nose block. I and baby have to use sea water saline water and a piston compressor machine to do the aerosol therapy.

Ignore the white mask. I just grabbed this mask because I was down with flu and cough, and do not want to spread to others.

Husband's relative bought me some sandwiches, because they know I love sandwich in Venice. wonderful!

A famous sweet dessert it is during winter time.

See my sick face yet greedy to eat all the food, spending 90% of my time at home.

This is the hot wine cooking, hot alcohol on fire!

Some brief info about baptism ceremony in church. In the history, within weeks of Jesus' Resurrection, the apostles were preaching the Gospel to people by the thousands, baptizing them in Jesus' name. Baptism is a sacrament of initiation, cleansing, strengthening, and welcoming. Baptism welcomes us into the community of Christian believers. Baptism leaves a permanent spiritual mark on our soul that makes us holy and opens us to salvation and eternal life with God. Baptism is a powerful sacrament that washes away original sin and its effects.

We decided to have our child to become as Christian, as first, it is ought to follow one religion, especially the father's religion. There is no bias on saying which religion or god are better in my point of view, they are equally almighty.

What we did in the baptism ceremony:

  • The Sign of the Cross is traced on the forehead of the one being baptized.
  • The immersion in water (or pouring on of water) of the one being baptized reminds us that we die with Jesus to conquer sin and rise with him so we might enter into new life.
  • The words of Baptism by the appointed priest in the church, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,” are spoken while the water is poured or the one to be baptized is immersed.
  • The newly baptized is anointed with sacred oil to signify that the Holy Spirit dwells within the heart of this new Christian.
  • A white garment reflects that in Baptism we “put on Christ,” taking our new and truest identity as a son or daughter of God.
  • A baptismal candle, lit from the Easter candle, represents the one true light of Christ, a light to guide the new believer throughout his or her life.

We also appointed my husband's relative as the godfather (he or she), a guardian who will look after my baby, in the case anything happened to me or husband.

After that, we will have a big feast celebrating Infant Baptism Ceremony. We booked the massive lunch dining in Mulinello.

This is only few of the dishes that I managed to take the photos. All food are so delicious, and we were so full eating all the food.

Cold platter - salmon slices, my favourite! fresh as it is.

Say cheese!

Grilled seafood platter, squids, big prawns, oh mama mia!

golden dusts of rissoto.

Pasta, all hand-made paste, yummy!

Simple grilled fish with some vegetables.

Congrats to baby for his baptism ceremony, see how big the cake is!


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Cellulare: 3346439523
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Federico got a customized big champagne from Bocuse d'Or.

I received a photos indicating everyone is celebrating Li Chun, the 1st solar term in Chinese calendar. This is where we try to place the egg in standing straight and balancing on the floor, and I made it!

See how I was dying to see the snow? At 0'C, finally it snows, like let it go, let it go. I was so sick, but it was my childhood dream to see snow. I touched the snow flake, and it turned into icy water. Well, no more suburb girl saying that I have never seen real snow before!

Husband went to have some gathering with his army friends.

And this is madness, we have massive family BBQ time. Can you see the amount of BBQ food? They grill whatever they get from their fridge, freezer, and store!

It was fun but I was so sick during winter time! :(
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