Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Suki Jezz Review on Ibis Hotel in Brisbane, Australia

25 - 27 April 2016 - I was browsing through Tripadvisor, searching for some things to do and probably seeing some reviews on the food and hotel stay.

And to have a reasonable price of hotel stay to compare with Air BnB, and when everyone says Air BnB is cheaper, not quite actually. Some goes as high as the hotel price. Well, finally we booked Ibis hotel, charging us AUD 101 per night, which is considered a very good bargain. Got the price through booking.com, and if you want to enjoy free WIFI in Ibis hotel, all you need to do is sign up as a free membership in http://www.accorhotels.com/, the largest hotel group in the world. Well, pretty much you know the priveleges, getting hotel rates as you travel, convert your stay into points, and redeem the points for free stay in the future.

What I like about Ibis Hotel is that it is really walking distance within the city area. they even provide parking and laundry fees upon request.

So, I did prayed that I can have a good sleep in Ibis, and luckily, YES.

Proper standard queen bed, tv, proper desk, table lamps as you can see, surprisingly, in the toilet, there are facilities such as bath tub, basin, proper towel, and the best part I love is that they use eco-green toiletries, shampoo, and body bath, as well as body lotion.

What I did not get in Ibis hotel is only the cotton pads, and normal travel toothbrush. Well, can't ask for more!

This is their cafe and restaurant area, I was definitely shocked with the space they have in the dining area. given that Ibis looks small from the exterior view. We walk in and was charged AUD 20 per person for the breakfast buffet. They serve the typical English breakfast, and to my surprise, they serve porridge (delighted). Lots of fruits, auto coffee machines, and of course bakery and pastries on the go.

As they have lots of China tourists on that particular morning, pretty chaos as I was waiting for the next cleaned cutlery to start having my breakfast, overpowered by too many tourists I guess.

Chefs were so busy that they have to serve the food in normal and deep food trays.

This is the lounge, and bar area. Spacious, long, and really peaceful and quiet.

Overall, I do like Ibis Hotel. Would recommend this hotel if you are looking for a normal hotel stay.

Ibis Hotel in Brisbane, 3 stars ranking
Website: http://www.accorhotels.com/gb/hotel-2062-ibis-brisbane/index.shtml

Address: 27-35 Turbot St, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia

Phone:+61 7 3237 2333
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/sduLYhQBaTU2


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