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Suki Jezz in Melbourne, Australia - Day 2, Picnic and Wild Kangaroo Trail in Cardinia Reservoir Park

Cardinia Reservoir Park

23 April 2016 - Well, a noisy people like me will always announce a trip, to search for friends who happened to stay at the place where I will be going for holiday. After having fantastic Day 1 in the Melbourne Zoo and Melbourne City Tour, Day 2 was a relaxing trip with Karen Chatwin, my girlfriend who married to her English husband, and they decided to stay in Melbourne.

Karen did whatapps me how to go to Huntingdale station, and I was so lost and blur. I thought I am taking tram, instead of train! tram, train, train, tram! I was like, arghh...took the wrong walk down the opposite street, realized that I actually need to take the train from the Flinder Street Station.

I was late since I was lost, and apologize to Karen for my fault. Karen, Mark (husband) and little AJ (her baby boy) were patience enough to wait for me for another 30 minutes upon arrival.

I took Cranbourne/ Pakenham train from Flinders Street Platform 6. And it took roughly 30-40 minutes arriving in Huntingdale station. If you are looking for the public transport route in Melbourne, you can see it at:

Since I was late, we make a quick stop in Macrina Fish Shop, and we take away fish and chips and enjoy the lunch back at home. And oh ya, we did some shopping for our BBQ picnic later - some sausages, salad, vegetables, aluminium tray, etc.

Seem from Google, this is the address: 4 Macrina St, Oakleigh East VIC 3166, Australia

Facebook Page set by the community, also for you to review:

And this is what I get - shark flakes, I was like what?! I am eating shark meat?! and then Mark bought potato flakes, the chips aka big french fries. Taste wonderfully delicious, however, Mark helped out my chips as I am not a potato fan, or a fan of fried stuff.

The deep fried minced meat, taste like a dimsum dumpling for me.

Tada! This is AJ in the house, of course he was wondering what this crazy aunty doing in my house, hahahaha!

At 2pm, Mark managed to make the waffle with syrup and ice-cream on top. Karen made the waffle base all by herself. Multitask strong women, Karen ;)

Mark was like, wow....finally and for the first time, here is how I make my own waffle!

It took most probably 40 minutes with 30km of driving to reach Cardinia Reservoir. I dozed off during the trip as I was too tired from my holiday tour yesterday.

Opened my eyes and see this!

We took wefie, haha....luckily AJ facing the phone screen together.

Cardinia Reservoir is an Australian man-made water supply dammed reservoir. The 287,000-megalitre water store is located in Emerald-Clematis-Dewhurst in south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. They build fences around to ensure no trespassing to the drinking water.

Kangaroo crossing the road, so be careful as you drive!

As Mark is busy setting up the fire for the BBQ, and Karen is busy preparing the food and salad, I bring AJ for a park walk....You get to park your car, and pick your own BBQ places, lots of tables and chairs, children playground, and public toilets, and all are well-maintained.

Beautiful scenery at the time about 4pm.

See avocado salad done by Karen. I told her I am not a meat eater, and she prepares the salad for me, sweet!

Mark has been trying to set up the fire for an hour, with me helping out collecting branches.

You can also get big woods in the park as probably provided by the park operators. Mark said it must be the wood is wet and there is water, making him slow in setting up the fire.

I was on my duty, becoming the wood collector! It's like, report Sir Mark, how's the fire doing? Not good, wokay, I go back for more small and big woods - tree branches, barks and whatever I can collect to set the fire.

Finally, here comes the BBQ! cheese pork sausages, pork sausages, corn, and wait, banana? Karen says BBQ the banana long enough, probably till it is really ripe and you shall get some hot banana mashes like a caramel in the banana.

A bite of cheese sausage and the sauce was like flung to Mark face, hahaha!

As we were waiting for the kangaroo to come, we get to see the beautiful sunset as well.

Ah ha! found some kangaroos finally made a pit stop on top of the hill. However, it is too dark, like 630-7pm, and pretty much you cannot get good photos in the darkness.

We were a bit unlucky, as it was a long weekend, and many other families came to picnic, and some of the children came to chase after the kangaroos, making the kangaroos running off back to the forest. Some even playing some outdoor games nearby to our tables, making us least comfortable as we afraid the ball will hit our heads.

After the bbq, we went off to K Mart, which operates 24/7, wow, a supermarket runs 24/7, and in Australia, where most shops closed early? Karen says faster take photo.

Special thanks to Karen and Mark for their great hospitality, they even drove me all the way back to the city.


Get to see the wild kangaroos and have a great picnic in Cardinia Reservoir Park.

Cardinia Reservoir Park
Add: Emerald VIC 3782, Australia

Kangaroo Flat Picnic Area:

Are you having fun elsewhere in Melbourne? any other great park that others should go? Let us know by leaving comment as per below!

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