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Suki Jezz in Melbourne, Australia - Day 1 in Melbourne Zoo

22 April 2016 - So here I am in Melbourne. Melbourne is Victoria’s coastal capital, is a city of stately 19th-century buildings and tree-lined boulevards. You will be fancy enough with the architectures, history. My next blog will be sharing about my experience in taking the free city tour. What I like in Melbourne, when you open its map, they have volunteers who don't mind to guide you as you travel in the Melbourne, along with their contact, location, and website. You will never felt lost when you are in Melbourne.

So, I did checked out TripAdvisor in Melbourne, but as per the rating and reviews, the top 10 are not much my preference. So, I was in the middle of frustration in figuring out where to go?

I was like, seeing wild penguins in St Kilda, that is like 45 minutes of tram journey from the city? The Great Ocean Trip watching the sea view and 12 Apostles Tour in Melbourne is a distance from the city, and you just gotta overnight near the Great Ocean. For this trip, most of the places that I go is within the city area, or else accessible with Melbourne's tram.

I was undecided, therefore I went to ask the locals and travelers who had been there. Given such a short stay in Melbourne, I decided to go to Melbourne Zoo! the Melbourne Zoo, or some may refer the zoo as The Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens, commonly known as, contains more than 320 animal species from Australia and around the world. The zoo is only 4 kilometres north of the centre of Melbourne.

So this is me, dressing up to go to the zoo....

It is autumn and darn, forgotten to bring my umbrella along, worried it might rain. Anyway, I still make sure I am all covered up, so that I won't get sick during holiday.

This is a view in the city, showing that the tram stop. I was always not a good planner, and lost in directions, and oh my, it's my first time planning a trip! normally it will be either my friends or the locals bring me around. Nervous. I went to ask the concierge counter in RACV, he guides me by drawing the way to go to the zoo from the hotel. "walk down to William St, take the tram 55, and it will go straight to the zoo." Jeez, thanks!

Heard that you can't really pay cash, you need to buy Myki card as you are taking the public transport in Melbourne. I got my MyKi card from 7-11 convenient store.

After 15 minutes of tram ride, and here I reach the Melbourne zoo!

The zoo has two entrances, front and back. You can see the zoo are in serious manner in protecting the extinct animals, and always ask the public for support. You can see clear description of each animal as well.

Meet a Cs, Ms Ashley. She is from Sydney, and had just moved to Melbourne for some adventure, she says. We decided to go to the zoo together, as she herself has not been there.

So here are some animals in the zoo, where I can see in Malaysia as well:

tall giraffe.


Asian elephants.

Butterflies. You will able to see the butterflies clearly as they fly around in the special warm tropical butterfly house. I was telling Ashley, now this temperature is just humid just like in Malaysia. some kids are trying to grab the butterflies as well. It is like a wild forest full of butterflies.


Orang Utan is common in Malaysia as well.

And this is some of the animals that I have not seen in my life...but ....but....

See koala bear? =.= Actually they sleeps most of the time, guess this koala is too lazy to say hi to me, cuddle himself like a round fur ball.

This is the best shot. (=_=)

And from far, I was like: "Hey, say hi to me, ya know? look at me a while?" but the koala was like 'I don't care.'

Managed to see this tasmania! but, yes, he went hiding the moment I and Ashley saw it. Grrrrrr.....some people said it looks like half big rat and half bear *LOL

Went into the dark room and saw this cute little Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat. Wombats are short-legged, muscular quadrupedal marsupials that are native to Australia. They are about 1 m in length with small, stubby tails. There are three extant species and they are all members of the family Vombatidae.

See the kangaroos as well. Hmmm...none of them boxing today? Where is the kid in the little cute pocket of the mommas?

This is wallaby, the smaller version of kangaroo species.


Does he look familiar? I was like...which cartoon did I met this fella? Ah ha, Madagascar - the 'I like to move it, move it' animal, and it is called....

King Julian from Madagascar!

So this is called lemurs. Lemurs are a clade of strepsirrhine primates endemic to the island of Madagascar. So this is their mini house as well.



Next, the meerkat or suricate, a small carnivoran belonging to the mongoose family. It is the only member of the genus Suricata. They dig tunnels in earth mounds for shelter, foraging for insects, reptiles, birds, eggs and small rodents. They work as a team, members will take turns to look out for danger, watching from high vantage point to warn others of predators, just like the birds of prey.

This is basically the park view, where some might enjoy having picnic on the grass.

Saw this African wild dog that capture my attention. They are also called Cape hunting dog or painted dog, typically roams the open plains and sparse woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa. has a colorful, patchy coat; large bat-like ears; and a bushy tail with a white tip that may serve as a flag to keep the pack in contact while hunting. No two wild dogs are marked exactly the same, making it easy to identify individuals. unfortunately, African wild dogs are endangered species. you can do yourpart by go into this website: http://www.awf.org/wildlife-conservation/african-wild-dog

Found this golden tortoise, make me feel like good fortune and prosperity will be coming to me soon...soon...

We were in the reptile dark room, and trying out very best to search the reptiles through the glass. This Philippine sail-finned water dragon, however, simple don't mind showing off. large-bodied lizards from the tropical regions, these water-loving lizards are usually found basking in or near mountain streams, ability to hide underwater for up to an hour for protection.

So this is it! some of the interesting animals from the Melbourne Zoo! Entrance fees is around 31.60 dollars, free for children below 3 years old, and good to know that during weekends and school holidays, children aged 4- 15 years can enter for free as well.

The overall design of the zoo is pretty easy accessible, given a proper map, and correct sign board, I would say you will be enjoying seeing the animals that you might not be able to see elsewhere.

It took me 2.5 hours to finish, some said they needed 4 hours, probably they want to see the animals longer, haha!

What about you? Have you been to Melbourne Zoo? If not, please do go if you are in Melbourne!


Melbourne Zoo
Website: http://www.zoo.org.au/melbourne

Ticket price: http://www.zoo.org.au/melbourne/plan-your-visit

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zoosvictoria

Add: Elliott Avenue, Parkville, Vic. 3052
Tel: 61-3-9285 9300
Fax: 61-3-9285 9350
Email: mz@zoo.org.au

Operating hours: everyday, 9:00am - 5:00pm

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/1EKR2f2mfgS2
Waze: https://www.waze.com/livemap?zoom=17&lat=-37.8117&lon=144.96037

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