Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Suki Jezz in Brisbane, Australia - Day 4 in Story Bridge @Eagle St and Beach House Bar & Grill CBD

24 April 2016 - After our one whole day going to Gold Coast for the delicious Omeros Bros seafood lunch next to the sea, we went back to the hotel and have a rest before heading for dinner.

I asked my friend, Mark, where to get nice food, he recommended Eagle Street. So, we did tried our best to find where is Eagle Street. Well, looking at the map seems simple, but to our surprise, we were lost. We asked for directions, but to our surprise, the locals or the guards in casino can't really guide us to Eagle Street. We walked down few streets and blocks, and it is not as convenient to find much proper restaurants, not to mentioned, all F&B outlets are pretty scattered every here and there, which is quite inconvenient, if I compared Brisbane with Melbourne. Even the people in Melbourne can give us more proper directions.

We were quite lost, so finally, we spent probably 15 minutes to really study the map, and finally reached Eagle Street. Yes, there is really a lot of restaurants, but alas, most restaurants are closed as it was a public holiday, Anzac Day.

Have a quick look in one of the seafood restaurant menu, the price really killing us, one steak probably up to Aussie 40 dollars, and in Australia, they will surcharge 15% extra on the normal price. What I like is that the host recommends and suggested other restaurants, despite we are not interested to dine in the restaurant. Normally, in Malaysia, it's rare case, we pass the client to other restaurants, ouch!

Luckily, the Story Bridge in Eagle Street was beautiful at night, that we took a quick snap just for a memory. For the scenery, yes it was beautiful by the Eagle Street Pier.

Eagle Street Pier (Shopping Mall)

Add: 45 Eagle St, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ZMDvuHacdpn

We were so hungry and tired, and we just walked back to the Queen Street Mall. Had a quick look at Beach House menu that is located in CBD (next to Queen Street Mall), well, was thinking probably it wasn't that bad for us. Price is reasonable as well.

The funny thing in Australia is their payment system. Meaning to say, you can't order food and drinks together. You got to order at different cashier area, and most of us need to pay our food and drinks upfront, kinda look like self-service system for me, but well, they do charge us service charge, right?

Just a quick snap on the table settings ad the bistro counter.

This is what we had ordered: plain garlic cheese pizza (it was uncooked when it was served to us, we had to ask them to preheat the pizza again, the flour base was too much for us, don't really like it)

Tried menu of the month/ day - tomato ham spaghetti. starting tastes nice, but as you eat, you can feel the bacon and hams just overpower the classic spaghetti taste. I couldn't finish the whole plate.

Chicken Wings - crispy wings, cayenne pepper glaze with ranch sauce Aussie 12.9. My lady friend was having sore throat and little did she know that the chicken wings were so spicy that she couldn't eat after the first bite of the chicken wings. Probably should indicate it is a spicy dish in the menu?

Pulled Pork Burger - pulled pork w homemade coleslaw on toasted brioche, Aussie 15.9. This was okay, a big giant piece of pulled pork burger, followed by the french fries series. Least, something that we can talk about.

Overall, probably I am not a meat lover or french fries or fried chips fan. It is either we really went to the wrong restaurants, because if all Australian food is all about meat, bacons, sausages, and ham, I'm gonna kill myself!

I would say for Beach House, they do serve you fast, considered food on table in 15 minutes time, despite the crowd of the night. Probably not all food is in favour, but affordable price, yes.

Beach House Bar & Grill CBD
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeachHouseCBD

Address: 91 Queen St, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia
Phone:+61 7 3003 0017
Hours: Everyday - 10AM–12AM

Can you recommend readers and me better food in Brisbane? Appreciate you help, by leaving some suggestion as per the comment box, cheers!
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