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Shan Xi China Cuisine in Hao Yun Lai Restaurant, Pandan Indah

21 Jan 2016 - I was looking for food, and as I passed by Sushi Mentai (my review) and the Shasa Shabu (don't really recommend Shasa Shabu, due to the price and the food they offer on the belt are just the typical lok lok stuff, nothing much to shout about), I notice this very simple China restaurant at the corner, named Hao Yun Lai 好运来, meaning good luck coming to you in Mandarin.

I always have the idea that the China food in KL is always overpriced, although it is pretty delicious. What's more is that, normally they cook and serve you dish by dish, instead of ala carte portion.

I passed by the large posters they hang near its glass windows, and check out the menu. I was happy to see they have some ala carte menu as well as those which were served dish by dish, and the price looks okay too!

The food in Hao Yun Lai are mainly from Shanxi, China. The chefs are from Shanxi as well. A little fact about Shanxi, China.

  • Shanxi is a province of China, located in the North China region.
  • Shanxi is known as "China's museum of ancient culture.", scattered with abundance of historical and cultural sites.
  • Mount Hengshan, Mount Wutai and Mian Mountain are three natural highlights glinting as those splendid historical relics in Shanxi. 

Now some facts about ShanXi food:

  • Famed for noodles, its fried flatbread (dabing), and its sour taste.
  • Shanxi cuisine too authentic and traditional because the lifestyle in Shanxi isn't modernized yet.
  • One of the most popular meat sources in Shanxi is lamb, blended way of cooking of both North Chinese minorities and the Han Chinese.
  • Their main diet reflects its crop: millet, sorghum, and wheat, while pork, mushrooms, potatoes and turnips are frequently used in dishes

Well, it is like bringing me to China. Now, back to KL here.

Simple tables and chairs, the classic Chinese lanterns, air-conditioned, and comfy sofa.

I noticed there is a menu board on top of the cashier area. Hence, I ordered few to try out:

homemade multigrain soya bean RM 3.30, freshly made indeed!

Lean meat handmade noodle. RM 6.50. I want tell you, the first spoon trying out the soup was so sour, till I thought they put 10 lemons juice in the soup, but then as you keep on try sipping the soup, it turns out very tasty and spicy...yes, spicy.

Can't help when I saw the dried chilli oil in every Hong Kong or China cuisine restaurant.

Prawn dumpling RM 7.45. I can feel they really make the dumplings from their kitchen, unlike other place, where they might just get frozen dim sum from suppliers. Very fresh, tasty, and boom, exploding taste as youi bite on it.

I cut the dumpling into half to show you how massive the fillings and how generous they were giving you the fillings. I also buy back their signature buns, which are mixed meat sauce bun and vegetables bun, priced at RM 4 below only.

Can't help but seeing this boyfriend or guy lover doesn't even bother the girlfriend/ lover seeing him face to face, and there were meals on the table. Come on, some table manners? Well, you think you come to play games, eat, and then just to pay bills...what a life in such relationship.


I was so happy with my dining moment, that I bring my family for CNY lunch and dinner at here.

Very authentic xiao long bao, chinese soup dumplings. you need to eat this on the chinese spoon, because as you take a small bite, there will soup 'flowing' to your spoon for you to drink. this is good by putting just a bit of their ginger vinegar.

Dried chilli chicken. This one was so spicy, yummy!

I have been always wanted to eat 'Shui Zhu Yu' Sichuan Boiled Fish, where you can taste the sour and spicy of SiChuan soup, with lots of dried chillies, and SiChuan bean sauce.

However, my family feels it is slightly overpriced on the dish portion, given the range it is about RM 20 - 40 for the fish, and poultry. Vegetables probably started at RM 15 onwards.

But, at least I will visit again! My previous experience with chinese cuisine, Restoran De Hunan is a no no for me.

Hao Yun Lai Restaurant

Add: 18G Jalan Perubatan 2, Pandan Indah, 55100, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +60 3-4287 4063

Business Hours : Mon - Sun, 10:00 am - 02:30 pm, 05:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Contact : +60172426312


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