Wednesday, May 18, 2016

RM 2 Sushi at Sushi Iro

2 May 2016 - I had finished my shopping back in AEON in Maluri with my kid, and thought of heading to some simple sushi place around cheras or ampang area. Thought to explore new place, and end up Google tells me "Sushi Iro" in Taman Muda. Just drive straight there and see the big signboard - all Sushi for RM 2. I was like, okay, this is real cheap. wonder what kind of sushi they are serving?

Went in and check out the environment, definitely much bigger than Sushi Mentai in Pandan Indah, strong air-conditioned, nice lighting as well.

So I sit down and start flipping through the menu as well as the sushi belt. Those sushi served on the sushi belt are not really interesting, not appetizing.

Ordered a bottle of green tea and some simple sushi.

Their menu looks classy and proper, but....see what I got at here?

Wrapped sweet beancurd sushi with mayonnaise, and then small maki again with lots of mayonnaise and the fish eggs...The size is smaller than the normal sushi, but well, RM 2...that's the way it is....

Ordered steamed egg, it was so cold when it was served to me, even my toddler refuse to take any of the food.....hmmm...children sense stronger than the adults, knowing the food is not ideal by its presentation? and it was not nice.

So I was like, let's try something special from the menu, ordered this egg omelette wrapped with rice and cucumber on top, and then there's mayonnaise again! At that time, I was so sick of eating the mayonnaise in all of the sushi being served.

I do see there are some flies enjoying the indoor air-conditioned restaurant with us. Sighed, any way to get rid of the flies? If the flies were in the restaurant for quite some time, how do we know if they had 'visited' the food you are serving us?

Pretty disappointing with my visiting. the quality is really super low quality. When it comes to food that goes into your stomach, cheap is not the solution though.

Hopefully they learned to improve and become better. And oh yeah, end up I and my baby got sick the next day, but it was not food poisoning, just some sore throat infection.

To those who are in tight budget and craving sushi, you can come here. Or else, not a strong reason for me to revisit again.

Sushi Iro  

Address: 5, Jalan Bunga Tanjung 8b, Taman Putra, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 17-331 8399
Opening hours: 12pm –10pm
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