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My Baby 1 Year Old Birthday Celebration in Chez Leoniel Cafe, Alliance Francais

16 August 2015 - Finally it was my 1 year old baby birthday. I was out of idea where should I secure a place to organize my baby boy birthday, until Lucas told me that why don't celebrate the special occasion in Chez Leoniel Cafe? I was like, why not?

After discussing on buffet rates per person, chefs in Chez Leoniel recommends its special French food, fresh canape such as sweet potato puree, chicken liver pate on toast, cold angel hair pasta with prawn.

Salad and mushroom soups were being served as well.

And I was so busy with my guests for the event, only then I realized that if we were to order pasta, we would have to order the pasta from the kitchen, but most of us do not know such procedure; unless you gave me the ala carte buffet menu, only then we will take note of it. Normally when it comes to buffet function, we expect to see the prepared food on the buffet display area. The team served us later the plate of pasta to our tables when we were about to finish up the main course.

Some interesting main courses are being served on that day as well. Roasted potatoes, saute vegetables, and the local made curry chicken being served with rice. Well, when your guests are mainly Asian, they would probably love some local food on the table.

Chez Leoniel's signature dish are the roasted duck with cranberry sauces and French style country stew chicken. I was so busy and I didn't manage to eat both of this. Lucas the restaurant owner told me everyone came and finish up both ducks and chickens within minutes! I was like...probably because my guests are great eater, or they are so used to Asian food - lots of craving and carbohydrates. With mostly small canapes and protein meats, pretty much they won't feel full.

Next, the surrounding deco. Lucas and his team made a simple happy birthday wishes for my baby using simple colorful A4 papers.

Lucas prepared some welcoming messages to the guests, but unfortunately, no guests didn't noticed of taking the papers or the menu. Guess it is not a common practice as well.

There is also a simple indication for the guest to know that today is Giacomo's birthday.

For balloons and party poppers, I get all the stuff from Fun n Cheer (FNC 中国风) in Cheras.

My friends start taking lovely photos with the colorful balloons. Feel like a childhood time again.

This is the crowd of the day. Expected was 45 pax, but I think more or less we do have the amount of pax. Some of my guests complaint that they didn't full, and they were late because they couldn't find the venue. Probably they are not used to the small canapes and lean meat like French style, and also when they arrived, most of us had finished up the food. But, it is good that the operation team did have a mix of French food and local food.

For entertaining my guests, I have engaged a magician, Rosen Roy for some magic tricks.

Rosen Roy Facebook Page:

Contact: 018-284 4039

And I also get my lovely friend, Ms Wi Lim for her creative hand art painting.

Wi contact: Wi Lim 017-300 9194 for hand art

And finally, this wonderful special made big chocolate cake from Marini's kitchen staff.

On my own thoughts and special remark, probably Chez Leoniel operation team will need to improve its timing and kitchen operation, a bit slow in terms of serving. As we have guests arriving earlier, or they have to leave shortly, the operation team still needs to make sure the canapes need to be served on time because they are fresh. But when we have guests coming in earlier, we should serve the canapes to them, instead on restricting on the time, because every guest come in at different time, we cannot wait for all to come, only to serve.

One thing is good is that the French food was not costly in the cafe.


Chez Leoniel Cafe, Alliance Francaise Kuala Lumpur
*There's no signboard outside indicating the cafe is in Alliance Francaise, therefore you search for Alliance Francaise Kuala Lumpur in GPS.



Add: 15 Lorong Gurney, 54100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hp: 019-723 2112
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