Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Know Pasta Chain @ PV128 Setapak - Pasta with Taiwan Influence

25 Feb 2016 - It was my bestie sister Celine Ong's birthday, and I told her no matter what, I want to celebrate her birthday with her. Haha, seems like a force! but oh well, an excuse to meet up right?

We decided to check out I Know Pasta Chain @ PV128, Setapak, since Celine stays in Setapak. "I Know Pasta" is franchised from Taiwan. Pasta originally is from Italy, but probably Taiwan style?

I was driving slowly in PV128 and almost miss the signage, probably because it was dark. Difficult to find the signboard though. hopefully, the signboard light has been fixed.

So this is the environment - air-conditioned, long table light shining upon us, so that we know the food will be nice to be seen under the romantic yet glowing light, light brown tables and white chairs, giving you the nature concept, long bench with sofa make you even more comfortable.

So I have a quick look and want to try their signature pasta. more stock on the squid ink. Darn....

So I ordered the simple spaghetti with meat sauce, as you can see the pasta portion is slightly bigger than the usual plate. I would say this is too simple for me, probably it is only the sauce and the pasta, with some cheese powder on top of the pasta. Didn't feel any munching for the meat.

Celine ordered fried seafood paste. Well, I am not sure this is Taiwan style or Malaysia style, but not the classic Italian style. Malaysian do like this black pepper frying style with any kind of noodles though.

Good for those who are looking for some different taste of how the pasta can be done.

Remember this is the carrot milk juice. one big glass of it, makes you refreshing, lots of ice too.

A simple bowl of creamy mushroom soup, what I like is that I can feel the mushroom bites in the soup, with some bread crumbs in it. not too creamy nor too salty. simple as it serves in a normal small bowl.

Lastly, we were delightful as the owner treat us a mini treat creme brulee, reminds me of chinese style steamed egg dessert. Yes, please try the mini creme brulee, and I was like telling Celine: "Well, they don't serve cake slices, so here is the mini sweet dessert for your birthday!"

Pasta is pretty common to be known in Malaysia for at least 20 years, but I would like to see how different Taiwan food influence will bring out the pasta, hopefully, another day to experience the Taiwan food culture in pasta. Didn't know the difference of the Taiwan taste yet at here.

I Know Pasta Chain @ PV128 Setapak

I Know Pasta Facebook Page

Add: No. G-31, PV128 Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 03 2303 5613 & 012 268 1184 
(Operating Hour is Daily from 1030am to 1030pm)

Are you hunting for good pasta as well? Share some info with me!

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