Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Enjoy Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet at Kinjuku C180 Cheras

Last Year End 2016 I went for a second buffet fiesta, but the items are not as fresh and good as before. Quality wise, was not as good as the visitation as I blog on this, on 2016. Please take note.

3 April 2016 - I was aiming to enjoy Japanese buffet without worries of the bill. When it comes to Japanese buffet, you will be in the target of eating lots of sashimi, sushi, maki, tempura, tempenyaki, green tea red bean ice-cream, and many more. Some even offer fresh oysters. When it comes to buffet, you can choose to have those that are ready in the display, or else ala carte buffet. I do prefer ala carte buffet, make me feel like we don't waste food, and it is fresh as you order.

Went through my favourite foodie app, offpeak.my and found Kinjuku.

Kinjuku is located in C180, a mixed commercial development in Cheras South, just before Balakong. As it is far as it seems, pretty much I just sick of queueing in the busy buffet restaurant in the busy KL cities.

The word "KINJUKU" was translated from the Japenese word 金旭宿. It was named in conjunction to founder, Chef Kinjuku Takahashi. Chef Kinjuku has more than 30 years in Japanese cuisine.

It was mentioned online that Restaurant Kinjuku in Shamabara Japan is primarily served fresh sashsimi, sushi and sakae to Japan, and now coming to Malaysia, where the menu has been modified according to Malaysia taste. Now, this make me curious, how big is the difference of the Japanese food in Japan and Malaysia?

Finally, I managed to book the places through their own Facebook Page in the end, after getting to know that actually we can choose the same dishes as per their normal menu.

Kinjuku Restaurant in Malaysia was decorated with traditional Japanese interior design theme: Shoji door, lantern, light, tables, chairs, and even the traditional sitting dining method were purposely imported from Japan to serve our customer the authentic Japanese dining ambient.

The guy who host us, Soe from Myanmar, is very polite, well-mannered in English. Unfortunately, only manage to grab his back in the photo and not his name, ouch. Well done, he even tries at his best to fulfill what we need as well, especially we are a bunch of ladies, elderly and children, fussier than the usual diners, haha! Attn to Ms Chew(business owner), he is a good staff :)

Others staff were local Chinese and Nepalese, all of them understand English and know what we want.

So, what's cooking?! just manage to snap few photos of our lunch of that day:

Jellyfish, steamed egg, and squid. It is all served fresh as it should be. First time trying on the cold dish jellyfish, which it seems it is chewy and springy than the usual one we have, perhaps, this is the first fresh jellyfish I have ever tasted.

The boat of fresh sashimi, we took 2-3 boats of these, a choices of fresh tuna, salmon, butterfish, yellow tail and octopus!

Their fresh oysters come in odd sizes, yet still fresh to go along with the squeeze of lemon. Don't think they have Tabasco...hmmm....

wow, and yes, finally unagi maki-maki, served with vegetables in the rolling along with the rice, and topping with fish eggs.....this is a must to try man!

tempura chicken and tempura seafood, the usual crunchy deep fried yet sweet flour...

We ordered the same table of dishes x 3. I think I shaking my head, touching my big tummy, given all the overload dishes my family and relatives had ordered. However, I always dislike food wastage, and if you are someone or you know someone who like to order a lot, but then couldn't finish the food, PLEASE, stop them to order that much.

Well, this is interesting. The Japanese sate style, at here, you can see we just love varieties, given the choices of grilled mushrooms, vegetables, asparagus, quail eggs, meats, and some wrap with other meats to enhance two flavors into one!

Worth for money, YES! In the end, we get the bill and paid for probably around RM 56 nett each, there is discount for senior citizen (55 years old and above) RM 48 nett and child 101-135 RM 35nett. Original price is RM 78, and if you want to get the cheapest price, you will have to book by calling them or contact them via its Facebook Page.

They reemphasize that you can come and enjoy the ala carte buffet anytime from morning till night, as long as you finish your meal within 2 hours. Normally, we will finish our meal within 2 hours, for me, I cannot probe further in eating if I eat continuously for 2 hours! But well, that's the terms and conditions, it makes us feel like being so stressed to keep on looking out on the time, instead of enjoying the meal without looking at our watch or phone.

So far, Kinjuku only offers ala carte buffet in their C180 outlet. they serve ala carte in Puchong branch. Since the blog is all about ala carte buffet, I shall share only the Cheras branch info.

Do you have any other Japanese buffet that you want to share info with me? Introduce, and I shall be there!


Kinjuku Japanese Restaurant

Pork free, good to those who don't like pork at all

Add: A-10-G & A-11-G, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180, 43200, Cheras
Tel: 03-9081 4868
Email: scnewgm@gmail.com

Operating hours:
Mon-Fri: 12pm-3pm & 5pm-9.30pm

Sat-Sun: 12pm-9.30pm

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/HTuB9EnGRUs

Waze: https://www.waze.com/livemap?zoom=17&lat=3.03595&lon=101.76591
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