Monday, May 16, 2016

Caricature Painting by Masrufah Rahman and Photo Frame by Unitex

So, here comes our wedding anniversary...Googled and you will see lots of gift insipirations, and was wondering what gifts would be awesome for my partner.

We are having simple life, and don't really fancy for lavish or luxury gifts. We just need more money, haha!

I remembered my husband once told me that I do not draw anymore for him. Grrr...I only draw once and he expects me to become a painter. Of course, I am not an expert, so since we have our cute little son in our life, I decided to look for a caricature painter to draw our family photos.

I went to a hypermarket and see this quiet painter just sitting there, painting his Islamic or Jawa arts. I do notice he also draws few portraits drawings as well. The painter name is Masrufah Rahman.

I compare his drawing with a real person photo, and I do find his drawing skill is pretty good.

Went straight to him, and ask how much to draw a cute caricature painting for a family of three.

"Satu kepala (satu orang) RM 20. Guess the price is okay, more convenient for me to collect the painting. Normally, I do not have my complete family photos, not to mentioned the latest edition!

I have to lied to my husband, a good friend of mine from Australia want to see our family photos. Hence, few snap shots of us out of the blue, haha! so this is one of the family photos:

I whatapps my family photos to Rahman, but he says he needs more front face for a better view. Normally, I am not a selfie person, so I really try my very best to find more photos of my baby and my photo.

And this is the outcome!

Tralalalala~~~~ I was like, oh my god, we are not even that sporty and slimmer (LOL) ...However, I couldn't recognize my baby look though. Rahman resend me my toddler's photo and I see again, look quite similar. Luckily Rahman helped me to do my message "Happy 3rd year wedding anniversary" in the painting. 

My husband says our baby looks like he is 25 years old instead of a toddler. Our drawing is in a hard paper in A3 size.

So, this is the wandering around Mr Rahman, with his classic booth at everywhere. He told me most of the time, he prefers to rent booth in hypermarkets. Why not Pasar Seni? Too competitive he said.

He stopped me from taking his photo! I said don't worry, it's only for my blog diary. I have to show this photo to him, to show that he didn't reveal his face, because he is an artist, haha!

So if you are looking for Rahman,
Hp: 019-707 4871

Services: Jawa calligraphy, portrait drawing, portrait painting, caricature, painting on canvas


Next, I need to frame the painting. Went to a friend's frame shop in Pudu, UFM Frame Sdn Bhd.

At here, you get to choose lots of different photo frame, photo album, wedding album, photo printing, and many more.

See all the beautiful photo frames and different shapes and sizes as well?

And the staff will also advise you if you cannot make up your mind what suit your photos or painting the best. For example, for my painting, I would need to framed and protected with glass, and I choose a 1-inch & above white frame to complete the masterpiece.

Unitex Frame Sdn BhdAdd: 68, Wisma Mahamewah, Jalan Sg.Besi, 57100 KL. (near to Jalan Loke Yew roundabout and opposite Champion Club)



Phone: 03-92228181 or 03-92228182 or 03-92226181

My husband and I were laughing non-stop when we saw the painting. Oh boy, brighten up the day!

If you are looking for painter and photo framing, gotta find these two fella. Oh ya, so what's special gift have you received? Share in the comment box, will ya? Cheers!
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