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Another Hong Kong Cafe Concept - Causeway Bay Restaurant 铜锣湾港澳美食茶餐厅 @Viva Home

25 March 2016 - Another day to hunt for lunch in Cheras area. I and my colleagues went into Viva home Shopping Mall, and noticed a new Hong Kong Cafe near to the Starbucks, called Causeway Bay Restaurant 铜锣湾港澳美食茶餐厅.

I hardly pronounce the Chinese name well, and the english wasn't translated directly from the chinese name. found out some Wikipedia information: "Causeway Bay (Chinese: 銅鑼灣) is a heavily built-up area of Hong Kong, located onHong Kong Island, and covering parts of Wan Chai District."

Well, the whole cafe is spacious, I believe it can accommodate more than 50 pax of people. Most of the youngsters, students (well, they really can pay that much for food nowadays), and less crowd of the working adults.

It seems they have the food menu concept just like Wong Kok, not in terms of the same dish, but they have 100 of food and drinks for you to choose. When it is too many choices, I doubt their food is superb and delicious, because of kitchen control and so forth.

The good thing is you get to see the lady boss and some local Chinese serving us, instead of 100% all foreign workers.

The lady boss came to us, as we had special request, such as: switching the rice with noodle, and adding some alternative options replacing the original side dishes. Yeah, we were that picky and always spoilt with choices, and special request.

Cold appetizer: sour spicy black fungus. something different from our typical way of cooking. As normally we cook this along with braised pork. Sesame seeds as garnishing.

Rolling popiah with the duck meat fillings. Well, this is recommended for you to try. A mouthful of chewy meat, being wrapped with the crispy skin.

The lady boss recommend me to try on this: Fried " MEE POH" Soy Sauce with roasted pork (siew yuk). The mee poh is okay, but the whole frying all into one dish, it doesn't feel it is really that special. It seems just like a normal fried noodle that I can get elsewhere.

My friend ordered this special 3 meat with mee pok. You can see the meats aside seems nice to eat, guess the mee pok is nothing much to shout about, when we cannot taste what's so special their soya sauce is.

I also ordered a glass of Hong Kong Milk Tea after seeing another colleague ordered one. The drink costs RM7, and oh well, the you can taste the milk tea fragance, the sweetness, and it is better than Wong Kok.

The bill? I can tell you I got a shock in my life.

Milk Tea costs RM7, while other Hong Kong cafe definitely charge lower than theirs.

Main course of a noodle or rice starts at RM 13 ++ at the lowest price. Price range for a bowl of rice or noodle can go up to RM 20. Needless to say, this is freaking expensive, one person with 1 drink and 1 rice/ noodle will be spending more than RM 25 , and like I said, nothing much to shout about, unless they serve food that you cannot get elsewhere.

You can see other people's bad review at their Facebook Page as well. Hopefully they should really reconsider to improve their menu or their price, as it is just the beginning. the Viva home branch was opened in the month of January 2016. Plus, I cannot taste or feel any authentic Hong Kong cuisine from the food they served.

Main Malaysia page of Causeway Bay:

Causeway Bay Viva Home Branch:

Add: LG 01-03, Viva Home, 85 Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-9202 3333

Direction to Viva Home:
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